Sunday, August 13, 2017

On the Violence in Charelottesville VA.

I was shocked when I attended church this morning to hear my pastor describe that there had been some kind of incident in Virginia yesterday involving protesters and counter-protesters...
I hadn't heard anything about it until this morning's service, and all I have to say is:

"Hell yeah!"

Not in support of the man who drove a car through the crowd of anti-fascists; as this is - as per murder - obviously morally unethical (though as a punk rocker somewhat humorous)...
But to see the alt-right out in force, armed to the teeth and dressed in military garb fighting the whacko leftist counter-protesters (who btw greatly outnumbered the protesters standing up against the removal of a confederate memorial) was not only - to be frank - exciting to see, but shows just how passionate many across this country are about nationalism!

All you hear on the news is "domestic terrorism" this and "nazi/kkk" that, yet I think this ignores the largest constituency of the alt-right movement which is, by and large, 'nationalists'...

And I can say, as someone who devotes himself daily to the constitution, that would they attempt to take down the North facing Confederate statue in my hometown I would definitely be downtown protesting the removal of our rightful heritage as Southerners.  Does that make me a domestic terrorist?

Unfortunately for those who would gladly execute me by hanging for what I believe as a conservative Tea Party leader, the answer is no, for we now have the most radical tea party POTUS the world has ever known in charge of DHS and other security apparatus'.

So all of the "White supremacists are domestic terrorists" rhetoric in the lamestream media is futile; as anyone reasonable knows:

The only domestic terrorists in Charelottesville were the unequivocally violent anti-fascist protesters, who really - as children often tell their parents when they get in a fight - 'started it'.

I mean, let's face facts:
The KKK, Neo-Nazi and Nationalist protesters were merely exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of assembly...
Then, so offended that someone would stick up for the heritage of the south, the anti-fascists incited violence, in crowds ultimately far far larger than the white power protesters!

I'm glad our POTUS said he condemned the hatred on BOTH sides (a statement the lamestream media is balking at ad infinitum at the moment), and support the President even more now than ever!

I have to say, however, that I - being ahead of the veritable curve on public opin' - am slightly creeped out by the fact that I urged my readers to commit violence against "commies" only earlier this week and then...  BOOM... it happened.
It's slightly odd, but I suppose when one keeps one's finger on the pulse of what is really just mainstream American zeitgeist, it's bound to turn out this way.

All these protesters wanted was a Confederate statue to not be removed because of ratcheted up politically correct reactionary leftist policy, and yet the anti-fascists- who I've described previously in my blog as being violently anti-republican - couldn't just let these conservative alt-right activists at least make their voices known...

It's a dire shame.

So in summation, I would just like to say to any and all of my white supremacist readers, I may not be like you at all (I dress in all black with a biker's jacket), if they ever try to take down the Confederate memorial in my hometown of Pittsboro NC?
I will stand side by side and fight the anti-fascists tooth and nail along side you!

Thanks and lets all pray for peace and healing now that this little protest has come to a decisive conclusion.
Their voices were heard, I suppose...

Domestic Democracy United 2017

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