Sunday, February 5, 2017


The "death tax", or so called "estate tax" is equated by Buckley Jr. as when the IRS levees a %50 garnishment on one's estate upon death.  It'd despicable.
A man works in his life for many things, but passing down a future inheritance must surely be one of them...  and for the Fed to simply yank this out of an estate's "will" so-to-speak is near blasphemously unconstitutional.
Buckley goes further in his "God..." to say that this "Death Tax" is really intended by the establishment to END intergenerational transmissions of wealth!  I'd wager he would know!
But all of this aside, I think we all know that Trump will deal with the outrageous Death Tax (%50? - whew!) in the coming months, and I warn you: Every second that goes by without us Killing the Death Tax is another absurd moment of vanquished justice...
Every-single-death where the IRS collects 50 percent of the deceased' estate is an outrageous injustice beyond mere trifle.
I mean, every party talks about taking care of future generations of American's to come, right?
Why not put that back into the hands of the American people and KILL THE DEATH TAX!


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