Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Sworn In: A New Administration

So I'd wager you saw or heard about the inauguration of Donald Trump last week, followed by a mass protest of women around the world making their voices heard against Trump.  Trump himself tweeted in regards to the protest movement "I encourage people making their voices heard even if we disagree" or something to that effect - proving just how magnanimous of a POTUS Trump will likely be.
This new administration has a lot going for it;
A fresh look, an outsiders view, and an ethic of free market capitalism.

I can see why this drives the left crazy!
The fact is, as Frank Luntz commented last Sunday, 2 out of 3 millenials see Socialism as the best form of governance...
Hopefully they will learn from Trump's magnanimity that the Free Market - ala' Capitalism - has it's good side.
However, with the lamestream media constantly attacking the new POTUS and the Tea Party, I'll simply say that the left taking their loss in the last election graciously seems unlikely...

Further, trump said a few things in his inauguration speech that strike me as closely akin to what G.W. Bush termed "Compassionate Conservatism".  He stated it's no longer the business of the U.S. to intervene in other countries affairs, that we're going to "eliminate radical islamic terrorism", and that he's giving the country back to everyday Americans.

I think it's striking just how anti-establishment Trump truly is.  His approach to governance, as well as his campaign, is truly uncanny!  I wish the left would give the man a little more credit, as Trump is not nearly as hostile to Democrats as he could, and many believe should, be.

Trump may well deserve the much feared and stigmatized title of "Nationalist" - but his "America first" approach is truly a breath of fresh air in this bloggers opin'.  I'm excited and enthusiastic for the future in a way, during the inacurate polling leading up to the election, I never thought possible.

It's a new day, a new dawn and a new horizon for every American who dares to dream.
The American Dream itself is back!

Here's to our new POTUS, Mr. Donald John Trump!

Domestic Democracy United 2017

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