Saturday, June 17, 2017

DDU to U.S. Publik: "Two Parties, One Team!!!"

I would like to formally apologize for the sometimes hateful rhetoric on Politalk, sincerely.  Though Domestic Democracy United is a Tea Party blog, it has never been my intent to incite antipathy between citizens and patriots...

Because one thing I know for sure about the U.S. publik is this: Whether right or left, we all have some sense of morality regarding publik policy.  This could be seen as a kind of patriotism, hence, we are all patriots - regardless of color or creed.

After the shooting in Alexandria at the republican baseball practice which left Steve Scalise in critical condition, I think we all - repub or dem - need to come together and unite on common principles; that is, the constitution.

The constitution is such that anyone, regardless of nation of origin, can unite around it's central philosophy.  That is, of freedom and liberty!

We all, I should think, agree that Freedom is an important virtue.  With that in mind, we should remember all of the many aspects of modern life in the present age that obstruct or hinder freedom...

One thing that definitely hinders freedom is any kind of violent, murderous act.  The most basic thing about freedom is "freedom to be".  I have being, and I am being-in-the-world!

If someone kills me, that freedom would be gone forever!

Hence, it is violent acts such as the shooting spree we all witnessed last week that most directly assault our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

So I urge all of you;

See something,
Say something!

You don't have to call 911 either!

Simply search the web for your local police department, and most of them contain a number for community tips.  I believe with many of these tip lines, you don't even have to talk to anyone at all!  You simply leave a message!

So should some unhinged person say something that scares you or would lead you to believe that they may harm themselves or others; say something!


Domestic Democracy United 2017

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