Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama's Farewell Speech Was Laughably Bad!

According to the majority of media pundits, who fawned over Hussein Obama's farewell speech given in Chicago on the eve of Trump being sworn into office, Obama is a - and I quote - "Rock Star"...  As a punk rocker, I can enthusiastically say that there is nothing at all rock and roll about ole' 'Bama and his multiculturalist administration.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say that - quite the opposite - Obama was basically elected due to the popularity of "black music" amongst millenials, baby boomers, and the low information voter crowd.  It's sickening.
There is nothing even close to "Rock & Roll" about ole' bama and his policies.
Yet the media pundit "idiot class" seemed like they were ready to fall head over heels about how just good ole plain "Rock and Roll" Obama's oration is.

No it's fucking not.

Obama's farewell speech was laughably bad - ala a dictator orating on why his vainglorious ego tripe is so great and majestic and sovereign.  Yet there was nothing at all sovereign about ole' 'Bama's tenure.  In fact, most of it was shoved down the gullet of godfearing christian citizen's throats via executive order.  He signed into law countless anti-sovereign psuedo-law's that make a sheer mockery out of everything about Tradition-as-such that makes America so damned great in the first place.

He near literally unzipped his pants, whipped out his ding dong, and masturbated to the entire American public to an image of himself.

Dude, for real?

You're literally the worst thing that has happened to the U.S.A. since the 1960's revolutionary cultural takeover that occurred - in part - due to a populous so spoiled and bourgeoisie that it thought it in their best interest to "progress" the U.S. to a point where every single fighter and thinker who established the traditions of Western Civilization spun whirly gigs in their tombs!

And now he has decided to stay in D.C.

Oh god no!

Now every time he deigns appropriate, we will be subjected to his and ilk's in the media's distinct lack of sovereignty.

I think this type of attitude was illustrated best by F. Chuck Todd - post election - saying something to the effect of "Why can't we just do away with the electoral college"...

I literally vomited and shot my pistol into my HD TV upon hearing this nonsense!

I'll have you know mister General Electric shill - The reason is because of the Constitution.

I was reading the constitution recently, and something that struck me as quite central to the founders' vision for America was the whole concept of electing the POTUS by way of the electoral college.

Yet still, the wanks on the left are dallying about with this whole, "Trump didn't win the popular vote so 'waaaaaaaaah'" kind of attitude.  Go fuck yourself you fucking scum.  The fucking constitution will always be here - and while you can amend it to your hearts desire, certain SOVEREIGN characteristics of the U.S. will ALWAYS be here.

But yeah, Obama's speech was the most vainglorious piece of garbage I've ever witnessed - yet millions upon millions of low information voters, their souls in lock to NPR etc. - heralded this masturbatory piece of crock as the best thing since fried rice!

Get a fucking clue liberal leftist scumfucks!

Your "great leader" was a despot who shat all over the spirit, letter and will of our founding fathers and the constitution.  He will, according to me, go on to be viewed as the worst president of all time.  And he still, to this day, is absolutely awful at reading the teleprompter.

Now Trump - there's a man who knows how to speak!

F the media.
F the POTUS.
F the Clintons.
F the U.N.


Now that's fucking punk rawk!

To all you leftist punk rock wanna be's?
All I have to say is -
"You will never even approach being 'rock & roll', truly counter culture, autonomous in any way whatsoever, or even a decent godfearing human being whilst drinking down your bourgeois Terry Gross bullshit."

Thanks, and let's get ready for the great end to all of Obama's disastrous administry!


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