Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Media Hostile to Trump: Even "Fox" News

The amount of hostility towards Donald Trump is near obscene...  Every mainstream (or lamestream) media outlet is doing nothing but giving the POTUS an unfair shrift, over and again.  It's as if the last 7 months of anti-trump coverage wasn't enough, and now they need a nuanced NPR-inspired anti-Trump agenda.  Now almost 100 percent of Trump coverage is anti-trump...  And it's sick!

Trump is doing good things, yet the mainstream news media is completely overlooking this (including fox), and focusing on every bad thing or meme they can in a concerted effort to HANG THE POTUS!

It's patently ridiculous!

Why don't they stop, the media as a whole, and reckon that - "Hey, we're all in this together~!"?

Because they are literally so envious of the new POTUS's power and prestige that they must, on all accounts, try to disparage, destroy and defame the Trump.  It's as if they feel threatened by Trump, and it would seem up to them to stop the threat before it gets too serious!

Well, I hate to tell you news media...  Despite the glaringly inaccurate  pro-Hillary victory polls and narrative, that time is far far over.

Why don't these rat bastards in the media just coalesce around the Trumpster and his voter base!  It's not as if his constituency doesn't have a far greater grasp of the prescient and salient than these over educated media mongrels!

We GET it.

They DON'T!

Back off elite!

It's like Trump said-  He's giving the country back to the forgotten man, the American People!

And if the snowflakes with their narrow worldview on the left can't see it, then they can - by all accounts - remain blind to the objective, absolute and unequivocal Truth until the next time the left gets slammed in a general election...

You're not going to get the country back with THIS kind of transparency!

Try a little - I dunno - what they call "Journalism".
Not "muckracking".  Not opining and insinuating against the right...  Try actual "Finger to the pulse of America" journalism.  Watch a football game or some NASCAR and listen to Limbaugh.

That is, lamestream media, if you want a job in 3 1/2 years.

Domestic Democracy United 2017

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