Friday, June 2, 2017

POTUS Keeps the U.S. Safe: "We're in the Next Phase of the War on Terror"

After the suicide bombing at an American pop act (Ariana Grande) in Manchester, UK, I think many Americans were a little shaken and scared about what may happen here, namely over Memorial Day.  Well, I wrote a couple of days ago on Memorial Day that I wasn't quote "skeer'd".  I believed that Trump could keep us all safe from terrorism in spite of the obstacles keeping homeland security from doing anything that would seem "unethical".  Well here I am, in June, and there were no attacks on the homeland.  I think, due to the irrefutable drop in terror incidences within the U.S. border since Trump came into office, that we may - over the course of the rest of this year - not see another, say, 9/11.
I think the entire 9/11 generation kind of lives in this constant fear of another "big one".

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm here to tell you;

"Breathe a sigh of relief, because Trump is here to keep you safe from terrorism!"

Trump kept America safe during Memorial Day weekend, and I am truly thankful for that.

In fact,
I think that we may see a return to normalcy for once.  It would seem as though the terror threat - though heightened in europe and the U.S. at the moment - is just what Trump said: "A bunch of loosers"!

I think with George W. Bush's biggest legacy for the rest of American history, that is, the Department of Homeland Security (which he enacted acter 9/11) we stand a fighting chance against terrorism today!
I mean think of it- all the power and prestige of Law Enforcement, all coalescing around a new POTUS's vision for American defense.  With a strong leader like Trump, I feel very confident that we can outwit, outman and outfight these "loosers".

That being said, since the security threat level is, officially, at it's peak;
here are the numbers to call if you have any 411 on a potential terror attack-

That's all,
and be safe!


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