Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump to Voters: "My Administration is a Fine Tuned Machine!"

Trump has commented, despite some hiccups and the lamestream media attacking his credibility daily with their blithe insinuations, that his administration is running as "a fine tuned machine".  This is great news for anybody who doesn't feel that the democrat party obstructionism is appropriate and hopes to see the Trump administration succeed.
Indeed, Trump is firing on all cylinders- and there seems to be nothing stopping the man from making good on his plethora of campaign promises.  The ease with which Trump makes fools out of the lamestream media vultures is amazing and uncanny, and despite his many critics here and abroad- Trump is simply unstoppable!
Day by day, hour by hour, our new POTUS is taking steps to right the wrongs of the last 8 years- and doing so decisively.  Hopefully, with the lord willing, Trump can defeat his opponents and put into action the substantive change we so direly need.
Capitalism and the free market have never been so emboldened, and I can only hope that through the course of his administration, Trump will fix the ails of the recession, the job market, foreign policy and more...

So here's to a new era of American exceptionalism and prosperity!
May the triumph of Donald Trump be everlasting.

DDU 2017

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