Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Left's Ideological Tyranny

The left has always defined themselves in terms of their empathetic good will towards others, however a brief look at their words and deeds show that the left in America and elsewhere is deeply lacking in not only compassion as generally understood, but more presciently compassion as our founder's conceived of.  "Do unto others..." has never been all too simple as in the deeds and rationalizations of the left's malfeasance and treasonous ideological tyranny.  The founder of the KKK?  Democrat.  Now the tea party is decried, in pure malfeasance and spite, as the new KKK by the american left.
This type of idle speculation and conspiratorial posturing would not be nearly so venomous were it not for the fact that the Obama administration has basically adopted this delusional interpretation of the most successful protest movement of our era.  The tea party - the new KKK?
And not altogether surprising.  The progressive movement has a long tradition of supporting nefariously compassionate affairs such as poll taxes, literacy tests, and voter fraud.  Why should we be astonished to find ourselves besieged by the new leftist enmity?

But ideological tyranny, such as the left is participating in nationally, is only understood in the context of the international communist conspiracy and the 'bama administrations sympathies in the regards of school textbooks.

Obama wants to convert our children into socialist ubermench's, and is - by and large - succeeding.

Obama wants conservatives who supported Romney in the last election to feel the pain - and, by and large, it's happening.  Prominent conservo's are definitively and unequivocally being attacked by leftists of their own accord and systematically by federal programs and mandatory participation in secular health.

Obama wants the television we so enjoy to be completely under the regulatory thumb of Wahington D.C.

...and he compares himself to reagan?

I'm sick of it, and we need to do something to fight back against distortion.

Join Domestic Democracy United in fighting the unfair distortion of conservatives within the publik - to show that conservatives understand the democratic virtue of compassion far more than the progressives and statist politicians.  Be the example that they aren't, and pray for our troops coming home and our political operatives abroad.

R.T. Stillwell\

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