Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The New Romney Ad which features Hillary Clinton: A foregone conclusion

After the myriad of attack ads leveled at businessman and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's bid for the oval office, his campaign more or less responded with a single jab directly to Biden's chin:  A commercial featuring Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State and former 'Bama Hussein 2008 POTUS run opponent, saying quote "Barack Obama has spent millions perpetuating falsehoods (etc)... Shame on you Barack Obama."  More than simply a play for Clinton sympathizers, the ad shows how a thunderstorm of manifold messages can be undone by a simple flutter of Mormon cricket wings.  Obviously a play for female voters, this counter punch hits the "forward" ads directly where they are most vulnerable while remaining overwhelmingly above the belt.  I'd assume my international readers are unfamiliar with this advertisement in what 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Scum-Powered-Automobile's have turned into a divisive political climate all throughout U.S.A. U.N. Disctrict #103.  This understated bit of pole-tested political big tent advertising by the Romney campaign gives voters the signal that Mitt won't be coming off the ropes swinging blindly as the 'forward' initiative by 'Bama Hussein has done.  With this comparably sole response to the slew of attack ads leveled at Mitt containing the invocation of Hillary Clinton and her seemingly visceral dislike of 'Bama during the last POTUS election cycle, the Romney Campaign's tone can be surmised thusly;  Less is More.  Obama, on the other hand, has been making appearance after appearance on Cable/Satellite television during press conferences apparently issued directly from Lucifer's laptop.  The amount of 'acting' by 'Bama is thickly 'transparent' as he reads issued teleprompter snippets as if it were casual friday at the middle America cliche factory.  I mean, as famed Mustachio John Stossel once said - 'Give Me A Break'.  It's so funny to see the dems put on their best conversion suit, trying shamelessly to pander to potential voters whilst going ardently 'off-message' by airing ads about Mitt's lack of support for planned parenthood.  That's certainly a revelation of major consequence... a Repub candidate who dislikes abortions... wow.  And then the punchline of this particular attack ad - 'Planned Parenthood provides mammograms - why does Romney hate women?'  Clearly.  Anyhow, the ad in which the Romney Campaign sort of officially dips it's cane into the political dialectic is so massively effective it's almost a cursory, forgone conclusion.  It presents something that undecided voters sympathetic to 'Bama Hussein will not likely be able to extract from their conscience when casting their ballot - The 'I supported Hillary Clinton' sentiment they themselves explicated back in 2009.  I certainly hope they ultimately take the foregone conclusion to it's utmost implications for the country; that Barack Hussein Obama is 'hurting America'.

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