Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's interesting that as the Grand Ole Party's National Convention falls to the mid-tumult spin, the mainstream media is still, as E.I.B. vet Rush said casually today, not airing the segments of the Repub convention speakers who are other than the Caucasian race.  It's funny, as Artur Davis's speech from last night was apparently blotted out of the Mainstream Media's periphery, the horizon upon which the narrative of the convention is contrived of is failed in convention.

We built it.

And we did build it.

Federally imposed restrictions are irrefutably of a notably absent minded interpretation of the teachings of the bible - a metaphorical one at that.  We cannot help people.  People can only help themselves.  In fact, the extent to which the Obama whitehouse is mistaken in their endeavor to create a welfare state by taking solace in mistaken benevolence is sorely understated by the Vulture-like media establishment surely being fed line's by media hacks and elitist tools for the Fed'ral Gov'ment.

The fault of the President of the Hussein's was to run on an anti-war ticket whilst engaging in harshly blood-letting practices of national security.  We could have a Bin Laden, on public trial.  Instead, we get manifest vendetta's by freinds and family's of those indiscriminately killed by haphazard drone warfare in the Middle East.

Peace is the priority, democracy is the message, and holiness and divinity are the means.

The concern here is in the tremendous debt we owe to nation and state, and our failure of leadership in electing a socialist radical into the office of the presidency.  Obama has read Marx and agreed with it - now get the Gov'ment OFF MY BACK!

We need to let everyone know, who has been attacked by this D.E.M., that help is on the way.  And that help is domestic democracy united.

DDU is pledged to constituting an indeterminate respect for constitutionality, and the freedom of position that comes with in it.  However, we are committed to fighting the scourge of NEO-MARXISM, CLASSICO-MARXISM, SUB-MARXISM, and PROTO-MARXISM.

a. Neo-Marxism - Adherence to marxist values within a contemporary political environment.

b. Classico-Marxism - Adherence to the works of Marx as an ethics.

c. Sub-Marxism - sub/unconscious adherence to redistribution of wealth, class warfare, and other inherently marxist ideologies.

d. Proto-Marxism - being prototypical of Marxism without agreeing with it in specifics whilst being ideologically in line with it.

We oppose all[ of these forms of collectivist tyranny and spit on the grave of those who seek to perpetuate the Marxist ideology of multi-cult and collectivism.

Ayn Rand need not lie still.

However, the value's of Christianity for the guiding principe of a United Democracy are the cornerstone of restoring america's destiny.  As a guiding angel once spoke, "Fate can only take you so far."

The excuses of this administration and blatantly broad-stroked painting of conservatives as ignoble "wealthy" shows full well the notional class war-fare of this administration and it's basis in Socialism, Communism, and Secularism.  He said, Mr. Hussein Obama, that if he didn't turn around the economy in 4 years it would be a 1 term proposition.  I say we let him politely excuse himself from gentlemanly political discourse this November, because we can do better.

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