Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Giving of Thanks : A TRADITION DESPISED

What is the first thought in your mind when you think of Christopher Columbus?

More than likely, some worldview with Howard Zinn and ilk in the periphery.  Howard Zinn was the author of the now infamous "People's History of America" - a publication whose main thesis centered around the exploitation of native Americans as being typical and consistent with the American Hegemony's character.  Obviously, Zinn and his disciples have a more than unfavorable view of this character.

It's the classic "Christopher Columbus was bad" thing.  And every holiday season, critics of America take solace in the fact that they see through this American facade to the origins of the celebration.

Oh noble injuns, eh?

The fact that anti-pilgrim hatred is written into our children's textbooks is sickening, the fact that anti-founding sentiment is preached on college campuses is pathetic, and the fact that a large percentage of American's basically take the side of the 'native americans' on the issue of the origins of America is no mere trifle.

It's serious - collectivist - business.

And what are we to say to our children?  Should we choose the overly cheerful parade of archetypes or the nihilistic collectivist 'educated' perspective?  Our children need our help, in school and elsewhere...

Teaching evolution in high school as if it were fact as opposed to theory?
Making bold proclamations about the assured truth of Cartesianism in college?
Teaching school children not to support western tradition during the holidays?

It's far from beyond treason!

And to wit - Communism hasn't even been outlawed in textbooks in N.C.

Join Domestic Democrscy United in its initiative to completely ban all references to or works of known communist authors.  It's a serious initiative whose modus is based in direct empirical observation of the degenerative effects of being exposed to communist authors and ideologies.
It can be done, and should be - though surely the teachers unions would fight kicking and screaming against any action of this sort by our governor or others - and we need to stop our children from being taught things like early pioneers and settlers were wrong-doers and the indians were the morally superior one's.  This is a form of communist indoctrination and needs to be stopped for the good of our state.


Brendan O'Connell of Domestic Democracy United

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