Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cold War ain't Over

Many have discounted the country of Russia as not exclusively a threat on the basis of cold war sentiment of U.S./Russia relations being based in the Capitalism/Communism dichotomy, which is no longer a problem for Russia itself, nor relevant to our Foreign Policy.

This is simply an untruth.  Just muster the various tidbits you've gleaned about Mother Russia for a moment if you will...

Russia is supplying weapons to our enemies in the middle east, how is the Cold War even over?  Russian bullets have penetrated our soldiers flackjackets, and we're sitting back as if Russia isn't the most dangerous country on the world stage, one which doesn't need to be fought tooth and nail?


Russia has been and continues to be America's evil best friend, and if we don't sort out negotiations with their country to be aggressive rather than appeasing, we're setting the stage for failure.  I mean, they've got frigging NUKES!  WTF!

All jesting aside, I've seen first hand the subversion of American society by proto-communist russian immigrants, and to be perfectly frank - they are simply an ethnicity with which I do not comport.  My highschool sweety was stolen from me by a Russian immigrant, probably a spy for the KGB or some such organization, and then after being worked over for years by subtle snakish maneuvering was basically FORCED to live in some backwater Russian shithole against her true will.  This is a certainty - these russians are goddamned snakes that prey on American virtue at every chance they get.

And there's more of them coming.

Studies indicate that Russian's are emigrating to the U.S. at higher and higher numbers.


Because they're goddamned snakes who worship Stalin and want to subvert America!  That's Why!!!

We need to support an initiative by DDU Founder - Brendan O'Connell - to increase security checks on those who come here from Russia.  It's a serious initiative who's intent is based in real world experience with the Russian conspiracy.  We need to vet the Russian's.

R.T. Stillwell

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