Saturday, August 25, 2012

Of Faith and the Electorate

"Some ask if God's power is real why don't we see miracles happening today?  Friends, it is not due to the deficiency of the power of an Almighty God, but it's lack of our faith."

-Unknown Kentucky Preacher

Many have asked, what is the vision of America?  Is it a transparent democracy, is it a remnant of a once grand Aristocracy, is it's so-called vision one of crass commercialism and corporate greed?

Faith, in our age, is sorely lacking in vision.  When one fails to see past the banners and apparent emblazoned ideographs, when one resists putting faith in the unseen - one can truly miss the beauty and majesty of the Constitution.  People very often describe America in terms of it's polemically derived failures of authenticity - but this is a crisis of faith, not a legitimate criticism of value.  One criticism I've heard in regards to the Constitution of the U.S. was one placed quite speculatively by a student friend of mine - and that is the Framer's themselves were not in fact men of virtue and honor but rather of a nefariously dishonorable type, the dreaded "wealthy".  I can only respond in kind - that for a scientific worldview that so often internally is derived from behaviorism and a Hobbesian sense of the Universality of avarice, this position of polemical dislike of all things derived from classical Western Tradition is uniquely sentimental.

We need Faith, if we are to make due in a world of declining and diminished returns - as a country, as a community, an individual, and as a world.

Faith in the temporal unseen and not in a merely apparent present-at-handedness should be the cornerstone of divining America's destiny as, once again, a beacon of light for all peoples who value freedom over despotism.  A platform of uncompromising and unceasing peace and prosperity should be in place for our country - however, it is not.  What in fact is the case in the U.S. today is a bitterly divisive political climate and a notional/collective downward push.  To lift up our nation, we all need more faith.

Very often, our faith is tested... though not in the sense of our being spited by God, but rather every moral act is, in fact, both test and judgement - both punishment and freedom.

When one's faith is tested in the sense of one's making a choice to do the moral thing rather than the immoral thing, one can be seen to be making the choice for passionate involvement with the hand of Destiny, rather than simply discerning between alternatives.  Faith leads to morality, morality leads to benevolence, benevolence leads to mastery.

And perhaps that is just where the U.S.A.'s  faith is being tested.  Perhaps we are not a nation of Masters, but rather a nation of Slaves...  If this is so, perhaps the necessary job of turning lower immediacy into higher immediacy (in a Hegelian sense) has been ignored - and we are merely serfs stuck in mediation.

Clearly delineated are the obscure esotericisms of the unseen, and little understood are their method.

So, it is not the deficiency of the power of Conservatism, but the lack of our understanding.  Conservatism's vision of a capito-exceptionalist nation is a window into the soul of understanding (verstehen).  The disputed transparency of the media is merely a notional residue of the trace of being-present in everyday worldhood.  This is the central archetype of the blatant malfeasance of the tragedy of the Recession.

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