Sunday, September 23, 2012

Regalia'd Opulence : The Emperor is at Bath

God is not dead.  In fact, the very notion of a world without God is itself overwhelmingly accepted by the Leftinista Cabal generally without even approaching an adequate reading of not only atheist or irreligious philosophes, but especially of one of the first to proclaim the "Death of God" - Mr. Martin Luther himself.  However, the most prescient and salient point outside of the Hit n' Run media's growing narcissistic projections (both in terms of the framing of the Presidential race and the often glaringly odd narrative which has been forming), is the rejection of God at the recent Democrat National Convention, which I attended in the past month (albeit from well outside the Convention Center itself).  I know not the details, the ramifications, nor the context of the now generally ignored move by the D.E.M. constituency to disavow faith in the Lord - what I do know is it remains a testament to the Left's neurosis and malfeasance, let alone treasonous ideological intent, that they should respond to the issue of God with the Coulterian "Demonic Hoarde"-like hisses and boo's that issued from their grim gullets in Charlotte during the convention.  There is no doubt to me, at this point in history, that the American left is deeply engaged in not only Communist/Socialist subversion of democracy within Media and Academe, but is involved in sub-evil.

I would not issue this decree with such assurance were it not for the fact that our Muslim lover POTUS is distinctly, in the light of the Lord and in full view of the World, naked - and his 'disciples', void of the socially cohesive tradition of Morality as properly understood by thousands of years of Western Tradition, basically Godless and amoral.  Kenneth Minogue writes at great length of this type of Moral degeneracy and has made a more than adequate case against the type of 'Progress' we're all bearing witness to in our once great Nation at this point in our timeless voyage towards disaster.  I'm sure adequate reading of salient authors who write in the tradition of the great Ancestral Forefathers will be not only overlooked but in fact rendered mute by a declining and all around insipidly vacuous dialectic maintained by, honest to god, Communist intellectual elites who generally worship the Devil.  This bold and seemingly preposterous claim has evidence to back it up, which can be viewed in my popular video on Saul Alinsky - who both Barack Hussein and Hillary Clinton are not only familiar with but generally acknowledged to be disciples of.  Alinsky dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals", to none other than Lucifer, to whom he gave the honor and title of "The very first radical".

Perhaps he was right on that last point - perhaps Lucifer is characteristically radical.  If this is so, by the Left's own admission, their party has basically become THE ideological progenitor of Evil.

Mr. Obama -

"You and Your administration are naked to the world - We would appreciate your administering some garments... We will gladly buy them for you." - Brendan O'Connell, Domestic Democracy United founder

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