Monday, October 29, 2012

A Nation Enraptured by 2012 POTUS Election as Romney Leads in Polls

%50 Romney
%47 Obama

Current numbers pooled by Rasmussen.

As the nation finds itself in the grip of Autumns ails, the only solace for our Morality is the lone fact that should there be any change in Washington D.C., it will certainly start this November with the penultimate election of our time.  It's like setting your watch and then adjusting for daylight savings time.  Things will change, this is a certainty.

Though this certainty is only unequivocal due to the tumult of permanence and the serenity of progress.  However lulled into the spin doctor-esque 'dialectic' that is beseeching our t.v.'s as the date of the President of the United States electoral decision draws nigh we may be, it would be foolish to assume that anything but some kind of monumental shift will occur post-election.  Obama v 2 or Exceptionalism 2012.  You decide, unless you're casting an absentee ballot... in which case, voter fraud (according to the latest NR).

But the polls show, Romney leads.  Why?

Well, there has been massive speculation as to this very question - and you could certainly ponder yourself: "Why. after four debates proper and all is said and done, is Romney in the lead?"

I'll answer myself thusly -

"Because America as a whole is more conservative than liberal."

-Brendan O'Connell

It's a thesis advanced by conservative talk radio-show host and Fox news pundit Sean Hannity (mostly in his radio broadcasts).  That is - More Americans are conservative.

Though, interestingly enough a recent Independent stat showed that there are more Registered Democrats in my state of N.C. than Republicans.  Perhaps the South has 'changed'?

There is no question that North Carolina, long ignored by the Obama Administration, is a major battleground for the POTUS election.  In fact, precisely as I typed these words I received a robo-call on just this very subject.

Anyhow... Should the test of time become tomorrows avarice, there is no doubt that the indeterminate failings of Compassion should still be remiss.  Should yesterday's promise find the timelessness of Independence impermanent, there is yet less doubt that we will find shame in our own vanity.  No matter who you support, I urge you to pray for our leaders... they need it, and it can work miracles.

Thanks for reading,

Brendan O'Connell

Domestic Democracy United

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