Thursday, August 23, 2012



Many of you may have been wondering why I chose to discontinue Politalk and why, as of today, I've chosen to re-instate this blog for the foreseeable future.

The reason is thus - I have been ruthlessly attacked by the liberal establishment, along with many other conservatives, and hoped that by simply stopping Politalk I could avoid some of the negative implications of the D.E.M.'s attacks on me and my friends.

I've realized that as long as I value freedom and democracy over socialism and subservience, I will continue to be attacked - there is no stopping the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) from attempting, at almost every juncture, from trying to destroy my life.

I understand how paranoid this may sound - however, I know that I am not alone.

Conservatives are being lambasted within the marxist controlled media at such a high frequency that there really is no point in trying to placate the Regime by standing down or answering their rigorous polemic attacks directly.

The only thing to do is to win.

When I started this blog roughly 4 years ago, everyone who knew me understood what I was like - what I believed in - what I stood for.

Now, within the current venomous political climate within America, many people react to my conservatism with outright hate, and it is not my job to answer their treasonous ideology.  It is my job to be a citizen of what I understand the U.S. to be - and that means continuing to stand up, be heard, and shout a decisive "NO" to the philandering elitist left and their vision of progress.

Continue turning to politalk for political coverage, commentary, and other miniscule writings.

Before too long, I'll be located in our state's capitol - and I hope you'll stick around for more decisive on the ground coverage.



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