Friday, November 16, 2012

Support the Military, Support Peace - A Discourse on War

Throughout the ages, man has lived and died by way of organized militaristic endeavors.  To support these endeavors is to support, in fact, the prospect of peace - far more today, perhaps, than in the past.  In fact, though many despise war to the point of degeneracy, the past military endeavors pursued by America and the West in recent memory have all been 'good wars' in the humble opin' of myself and Domestic Democracy United.  The Tet Offensive, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Korean War - all of these are 'good' in that, as William F. Buckley Jr. once quipped on "Firing Line" in regards to the much detested war offensive in Vietnam, they are pursuits with the strategy of preventing future harm much down the road.

But the American left has always ignored this long view of history in favor of, all too frequently, trite recitations of ideologies very much treasonous to our original Founder's philosophies and doctrines.  It can be painful to hear a given lib activist talk about how they feel about their country, more often than not throwing in polemical accusations of ill intent on the part of the Modus Operandi of our leaders and dispassionate removal from duty and service all the way.  The notion of dissent being the highest form of patriotism is not, at least in a concrete sense, at all true.  One man's terrorist is not, in fact, another man's freedom fighter in any way whatsoever.  The gadfly's may enjoy this kind of tyrannical nonsense, however, they all too often forget that these nice little one liner's like the aforementioned are merely ideologically entwined cliche's with, in the opinion of Domestic Democracy United, treasonous intent.

It wouldn't be so utterly baseless were it not for the simple fact that they make these types of bold proclamations under the guise of subjectivism;  basically saying, when it comes to you - the patriotic Christian - there is no right or wrong etc.  But when it comes to their own sense of impunity regarding service, duty, and morality the only correct view, which imply's valuation on objective truth, is their own childish amalgamation of ideologies.

It's an utter disgrace to our troops, our leaders, and our country.

The objective and absolute fact of the Morality of Strength has proven true in every struggle for peace and civilization throughout history.

"The Romans, the Samurai, the Crusaders - they all worshiped strength... because it is strength that makes all other virtues possible."

-unknown source

Domestic Democracy United would like to invite you to donate to the USO; with the knowledge that contributions DO make a difference to those men and women who sacrifice so much so that we and others worldwide have the opportunity to choose freedom.


USO Mission Briefing
USO Supporter
Brigadier General John Pray, USAF (Ret.)
Help us honor those who have given so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily -- our troops who are returning home with visible and invisible wounds of war. Faced with an unexpected transition to a new life at home and the challenges associated with entering the civilian job market, they will need all of our help to make sure they are able to do so successfully.
To support our troops, the USO is tripling our investment in career development programs for our wounded heroes. In partnership with Hire Heroes USA, we will offer over 60 career transition workshops specifically tailored to the needs of our wounded troops next year.

These workshops, taught by many former service members with combat experience, help our healing heroes translate their varied and diverse military experiences into a winning resume that clearly demonstrates their value to a civilian employer.
Thanks for all you do,

Brigadier General John Pray, USAF (Ret.)
Executive Vice President, USO

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