Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drive-by Media Ignores Major Story on Repub Convention

Here is some data which I gathered on what, according to el rushbo, is a major story:

"There is an all out effort by the media to scare and intimidate republican's into voting for Obama...  They know their biggest enemy is conservatives, and they know that and they are doing everything they can to disenfranchise us."

-Rush Limbaugh (Just Now)

"The big story is thus... a proposed rule change that would allow a presumptive nominee to "disavow" delegates."
North Dakota
South Carolina
Those states are the only one's who haven't signed on to a minority report the rule change.
According to eagleforum.com "it is about protecting each state's right to choose how it selects and governs its own delegates.  We  need you to take action today!"

They then go on to urge people in state's that have signed on to Republican Delegates being determined by the presumptive nominee, I.E. Mitt Romney, rather than by the state's themselves to stand up for delegate's rights.

This certainly could be an issue in regards to state's rights, however, as unaware of the implications of the seemingly federally imposed new delegate rule, I should comment that this apparent major story for the convention seems like not a terrible tragedy, but rather a fairly mundane change of order.

However, should this new rule that enables a presumptive candidate to 'disavow' or 'disallow' delegates that would, I'm supposing, have voted for a different candidate in the Primaries have any implications beyond what I'm currently informed of, I'll certainly be proven wrong.

Anyone in NC feel like urging our delegates not to sign on to this new rule which "Strips delegates of their sovereignty", here is the contact info for Mr. Robert and Mrs. Helen.

Mrs. Helen

Mr. Roberts

Apparently, it's a bit of a power move by Mitt Romney and, of course, Mitt Romney was notoriously unpopular in the south, so should be an issue for many paleoconservatives on the other side of the Mason Dixon line.

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