Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This halloween of the year of our lord of 2012 seems a distinctly fearful time in the course of our nation.  I'm loathe to recite the various tragedy's that have struck the U.S. of late, however a brief look at the country reveals a growing blind sense of sheer horror, masked by an inappropriately cheerful array of television programming and inadequate educational ethos both destroying the very fabric of the Moral life as properly understood.  Not "moral" in that removed waft of european philosophizing, but in fact the Morality of America itself.  Not that this is anything novel or uncanny in any way; simply that in a time of growing chaos and uncertainty as to our future, we find ourselves universally dull in spirit and removed from the authentic responsibilities so needed in an age of delusional happenstance within the mist of a glaring and overwhelming presence of, if I'm permitted to say so, evil.

That is my conspiratorial thesis, far removed from the dangerous paranoid delusions regarding "weather modification" and similar "theories".  As such, we are basically faced, individually and in other respects, with the overpowering and all engrossing presence in our world of evil.  An evil so profoundly behemoth in scope that nothing short of an all out holy war on ideological collectivism is warranted.  Or if it isn't warranted, we should all admit that waging spiritual war on the presence and manifestation of evil en masse is likely the only fix to the massive collapse of western civilization we're all bearing witness to.

Perhaps I'm merely gullible when it comes to fear mongering in the media, as I'd assume many on the left side of the aisle could aptly level as a polemical accusation in defense of a bloated 'evolution towards the realization of heaven on earth' rather than a substantially realistic yet altogether melancholic feeling that we could be in serious trouble as a country.

Evil, which would seem to be a fairly mundanely meaningless notion after years of being pondered over by such trite rationalists as St. Augustine and ilk, is simply this : That thing that you know is evil when one feels it in their heart of hearts.  However, should I proffer a definition of sorts, I'd have to wager that evil is something akin to the "natural plane"; this theory of evil was advanced by notable christian thinker who is easily found on youtube (most famously in his interview with Ben Stein about the film "Expelled") named R.C. Sproul.  The natural plane, it would seem to me, is aptly decried by Sproul and other Christian thinker's as evil; for it really resolves several problems regarding the role of the "natural" in not only biological grossness and necessity, but in the very odd sense of the wilds of earth having a characteristically evil and profane disposition.

In the jungle, things and beings collide in violence and perspired desire.  One could easily see how the theory of evolution (a politically correct gloss on what is more rightly termed the "ideology of evolution" except in rare cases), could develop out of a study of nature with an eye towards the glorification of self by virtue of the sin of Pride.  Evolution, Environmental Education, Anti-Americanism on college campuses, bizarre social programs instituted by shadowy tax-payer funded initiatives, and any number of other beyond reprehensible ideological components of Collectivist indoctrination are all part and parcel of the way in which evil insinuates and massages its essence into our identities and, yea- its mechanism of sin and unsound rhetoric into our very minds and spirits.

The sheer magnitude of evil's strategy is, I believe if properly contextualized and understood, almost beyond the capacity for one and all to even reject and admonish; let alone correct.

And that seems to be the rub of it: even the instinct to do away with the "bad" and promote improvement towards the "good" is itself an evil usurpation of the philosophy presented in the New Testament - at very least if it is the role of the government to pursue such ends for it's constituency to which, due to the source of it's lifeblood, government clearly owes so much to.  In fact, I would go so far as to propose that the notion of evolution-towards-which is objectively and universally an inherently evil distortion of the concept of Liberty as such, both abstractly and in a concrete sense.

In fact, I've found an interesting philosophical phrasing by none other than the official "church of satan", in which satan is referred to by many names, including "god of liberty".

Someone once asked me blithely, what is more important? Liberty or Freedom?

I'd ask you to ponder this question not only regarding this genuinely terror-laden Halloween of 2012 and its relation to abstract "evil-as-such", but more specifically of consequence in regards to the choice or pre-determined act of will that you may be participating in passionately when going to the voting booth in November.

Choose Freedom.
Vote Romney/Ryan.

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