Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obamatax - The Road to Death Panels

As we as a nation begin our slow climb towards the actual implementation of Death Panels in the United States of America, we should pause briefly to acknowledge Obamatax's devious design.  Packed and sold to the public as a cure-all for those obese cigarette smokers who cost us approximately 20 more dollars a month for our insurance, Obamatax hides beneath a web of technicalities the framework for all kinds of nefarious abuses of power down the road; and Romney is right to put repeal of Obamatax first and forefront in his recent campaign advertisements.   Scoffed at the idea of Death Panels?  That is, a department of pulling the plug on granny?  That's just the start of the potential ramifications of Obamatax and similar legislation.  With this, we as a society move from deifying science to deifying health; as no one can deny that the body is the temple for the soul and calls for increasing the health of said 'temple' certainly must be the most prescient need for our ailing and waning country.  Perhaps we should re-enlist Arnold Schwarzenegger to sell government programs to our children whilst mocking their belly fat!  It certainly would have the right tone for creating an entire leg of government honed to quantifying health, finances, and who to spend resources on.  If you posit that given an adequate length of time for the potential effects of given legislation to come to fruition then much is possible, surely you could see that imposed sterilization, restricted healthcare access, imprisonment of the uninsured, and forced abortions are all distinctly possible permutations of Obamatax type legislation.  Obamatax is a federal monstrosity which will consume what Washington elite's refer to as 'Fly-Over Country', and could have a number of unforeseen consequences in which the freedom of individuals takes a backseat to charts and graphs indicating probabilities.  The idea of death panels, as properly understood, seems foreign and improbable to many.  The fact that this was first advanced by Sarah Palin, who other than being lampooned by Katie Couric was a rogue tea party republican with problems with the establishment, shows that the conservative movement didn't want the public to be capable of 'looking away' or 'sticking their heads in the sand' when it came to reckoning with the main problematic of Obamatax - Loss of Life.  I'd suppose the issue splits right down the middle between the 'right to life' crowd and the 'right to choose' crowd, further solidifying the 'choice' movement's connections with planned parenthood and eugenics.  Obamatax IS the implementation of the ideology of eugenics - if not repealed, Obamatax WILL result in quantifiable loss of life.  These are certainties.   Now one would probably be better off weighing the potential effects of Obamatax on the pragmatic realities of simply receiving healthcare, and this too, I'm certain, will suffer from the Obamatax legislation.  It's not unheard of in some places with socialized medicine for people to be unable to receive care for periods of days or weeks; and while this might not happen tomorrow or the next day, one has to wonder - what about the children?

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