Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tea Party review of "God and Man At Yale"

I will surely grow to regret this untimely review of William F Buckley Jr.'s "God and Man At Yale", however, fate proffers its hand and I surely reach out in enduring devotion to he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming... that is, Christ our lord and savior.

W. F. Buckley Jr.'s "God..." can, for the uninitiated, basically be viewed as an extended 'turning in' of collectivist (i.e. communist/socialist) scholars at the much honored Yale University to not only the McCarthy communism trials but the public discourse for all eternity.  His work, written during his residency at Yale and published shortly after, aptly reveals unto all of humanity not only the socialism in private academia - to boot - but the finest minute point of classico-neo-conservatism... that taxation is de facto a form of collectivism (again... basically marxism).

It is said, most controversially I would hope, in the intro to "God..." that Willaim F Buckley Jr. literally saved america from collectivist overthrow during the 1960's.  It was claimed by, to the credit of The National Review's legacy, that this act of preemptive attack led by Willaim F Buckley Jr. was engineered entirely by the man himself.

I would surely credit this piece of academic criticism with such overt differance.

The book makes its main stake the analysis of collectivism in economics... i.e. - the perfectly timely idea's of 'wealth distribution' and 'inheritance tax'.

The spotlight of W. F. Buckley Jr's analysis of economic books given much credit by 'civilized' society revealed, more conspiratorially than most will admit, the truly collectivist and even altogether Marxist aspects of academic textbook authorship.  What has never shone brighter in many conscientious Americans' outlook is the inside look at the, according to Domestic Democracy United, treasonous ideology hiding behind our children's texts and schooling.  One read of "God and Man At Yale" shows that if this can happen at a respectable school - communist indoctrination, that is - it can happen anywhere.

His treatment of the liberal arts textbooks is the most overdrawn... if only due to the archetypal student complaints about said 'realm of wisdom'.  However, to see the pope's... I'm sorry... *ahem - William F Buckley Jr.'s, critique of the notoriously infantile disciplines of sociology and psychology is more than adequate for a senior repentance thesis and extensive in their suprising revelations into the question of "what professors and texts are derisive of christianity" within not only the microcosm of yale but - yea, the institution of higher education.

I'd have to wonder what those fellows at Duke are reading, eh?

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