Tuesday, November 6, 2012

N.C. Dems Brace for Major Losses

Democracts in North Carolina are bracing for a conservative ascendancy the likes of which they haven't seen  since 2010.  Owed this time to the G.O.P. proper rather than a rag-tag band of tea partiers, this victory will most likely signal a positive shift in the state's direction as well as a new era of exceptionalism and prosperity.

Whether this likely victory by republican's this election signals a republican victory nationally remains to be seen, however, there is no doubt that those disciples of Obama must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of a truly conservative America.

Should they fear the dreaded "mitt-slips"?

My prediction is that should we witness a major conservative victory, there will be a large likely hood of amiable across the aisle bi-partisanship and a massive "turning of the cheek" by those within the republican establishment.

As it should be.  We hold little resentment towards those across the ideological spectrum from us, and will obviously hold even less should this "longest night" turn towards a conservative victory comparable to "tea party tuesday" back in 2010.  We have every reason to forget the last four years as a socialist experiment in anti-americanism and simply proffer a new, all inclusive, direction for the destiny of America.

What will a republican super-majority offer those who stand up for women's rights, gay rights, and progressivism? Time will only tell, though one thing is certain : we all want nothing more than to be properly sportsman-like and conciliatory as America enter's its new era.

It's a time to be excited for America, for our state's, for ourselves and those we love.

Though, I should love to see the hit n run's expression when they finally confirm the inevitable : states all across America deciding for Freedom over tyranny.  Should rip their gooses good, as everyone knows the hit n run's support the latter and dedicate themselves daily anew to spewing leftist garbage into our households day after day.

Perhap's I'm wrong, but this day of judgement is one that I and other tea party patriots have worked for day in and day out for approximately four years - and I have little doubt that comparably passionate activists on the left will have a similar inclination before too long.

I wish them all the best.

Brendan O'Connell

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