Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DDU - Domestic Democracy United on Obamacare in the Supreme Court

The unconstitutional healthcare legislation being reviewed under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court presents a simple case of the much touted sentiment of autonomy. The radicals on the left like to make a big philosophical affair of claims of and attempts at autonomy, yet this little understood sentiment is cherished in the corridors of the Court today with its uncompromising critique of Obamacare as such. It's funny, I picked up a little canadian-commie rag entitled ADBUSTERS the other day at the local martket, and it was actually weighing the benefits of 'violent vs. non-violent' regime change should the presidential office go to the Repubs. Little empathized with, of course, is the monumental struggle many on the right have gone under and through with in regards to fighting against 'big gov'ment' scare tactics and massive bureaucracies with little public accountability and zero scrutiny in regards to oversight as properly understood. Justices Kennedy and Ilk are attempting to go up against the big establishment wigs, and I can only guess must be experiencing significant 'wind resistance' if you get my drift. One does not scoff at things lightly one would hope - and Scalia's now historical 'scoff' at 'Bamacare and it's proponents shows a certain kind of autonomous affectation and penchant for what could be seen as, well - hopefully this doesn't come out radical... 'sovereignty'. I've, and others have as well, made a little bit of an issue out of 'sovereignty' as such, which as never in any way affiliated with the 'Sovereign Citizens' movement or any associated organizations. It's just that, as I claimed, sovereignty over others is really the component in the formula that is 'earned', not individual freedom - which is a god given 'right'. So I've claimed, and others have hinted and picked up onto, that Bama Hussein and his Green Regime lack authentic 'sovereignty', and if this seems bold I really must attest that I could go on ad infinitum on this topic... but allow me to digress and frame the summer of '2012' as 'The Re-Birth of Constitutionality' and allow for history and those who would seek to be in accordance with history to make the rest of the public debate laudable.

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