Saturday, May 19, 2012

TEA PARTY RESPONSE TO : 'New "Forward" Ad'

Domestic Democracy United would like to make it's statement on the recent, of this week of May, 'Forward' re-election bid advertisement for 'Bama Hussein and his Regime.  It's level of 'spiffy-ness' is stupifying to the Nth degree.  It's failure to achieve the Messiah electoral victory in 2012, unequivocally, will show transparently the degradation of his 'astro-campaign' of 2008, not to mention the ideological positioning I predicted in a previous post - which would be populist pandering to the middle class.  I also mentioned previously that it would be under the guise of purported support for the middle class, a much centralized message of this new 'Forward' narrative, that the middle class would have it's collective pockets picked by the government - the facts prove so, as the tax rate is set to increase dramatically in the coming election season.  The 'Forward' ad which begins Mr. Obama's election campaign 'cycle' forcefully as students and others looking for relaxation from the long Season of the Hussein collectivist grift turn 'toward' the television, and are urged to take part in ideological drivel, passively or actively.  It's a venerable populist platform to pander to the middle class.  The brief reference to the success of the Auto-Bailouts, something which George W. Bush supported as most any president would - though only one president has 'presided' over said bailouts - this brief 'framing', as it were, of the narrative to gently inform the public of the auto-bailout's nice gov'ment 'fix' is, to the 't', used in a both 'sub' and 'neo' sense of populistic pandering.  Subconscious Populistic pandering, that is, to our instinct to find ourselves supportive of 'Industry as Symbol', and the 'Neo'-Populistic pandering of relating the 'primordial' content of 'Standard Issue Factory Stock Footage' and the concept of 'Middle Class Non-Morality', as per their previous radicalism.  Clearly, it is propaganda selected from the McGoebels drive through 'diet' menu, served cold as tempest and drearily consumed by wearily dreaming remnants of ideologically seduced demographics of 'marks' being conned into voting for such an asininely but exquisitely packaged 'Negro Deluxe' POTUS with Potato Plus on the side that they were willing to forgo a simple vetting process in 2007/8.  It's no need for rebellious whining, but this commercial  has the uncanny ability to both inculcate the new 'Forward' narrative and rationalize what is not even a main tenant of the republican's gestures of contempt for the Regime - that is the failure of the 'stimulus' bill and the remaining sense of impunity with which the administration funnels tax payer funds into massive government bureaucracies with little accountability to the law and little transparency within the domain of the public nor God's demands of our institutions of democracy to obey the 'Spirit' of the Constitution - that impunity, as per the loud dull 'Thump' of the POTUS Propaganda Wing's delightfully laughable 'Forward' narrative advanced this week (which remains to be explicated), will find it's bearing on the Executive Office stripped down and hosed off this November, and gently escorted out of the whitehouse following the 'lite rinse' in the cold and unyeilding coming winter in the year of our Lord, 2012.  Speaking of 'Lite Rinses', I'm not much of a conspiratorialist these days - but should we be concerned, possibly, about the subconscious implications of this grimly designed travesty that is the 'kick off' of 'Bama Hussein and his Regime's 2012 'Forward' re-election bid?  Because it plays like a slightly anxious robo-call informing us of our obligation to socialism in a Russian accent.  Obviously, I think the D.E.M. has devised the oddly colored array of 'tyrannical cliches' that is the new 'Forward' POTUS push with full scope regarding how it would be 'taken' - by average joe-watches-tv sitting in his living room trying to enjoy leisure time - on a subconscious level.  I am worried, as honestly as I am worried about young children watching violent images on 'Netflix', about the potential effects of 'bathing', as McLuhan put it, in this new form of Obama's rotating evil sphere of Propaganda insinuation.  -DDU- May 2012 -

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