Monday, April 30, 2012

Does America Have a Deathwish?

With the recent details in the Bronx Zoo Overpass Tragedy emerging, the blatant malfeasance's of power in the executive office, and the Liberal Media Establishment holding a gun to the head of 'Real America' - you have to ask yourself, Does America have a death wish? IF it does, what are the appropriate means of keeping America alive into the future? Let's examine this with a little more detail... American Exceptionalism... Sound familiar? It's the philosophy/ideology that america is the best country in the world, with all the reaganesque patriotic strategum implied. WHat do proponents of American Exceptionalism generally ascribe to philosophically? Why, the most mainstream majority style commensensical western traditionalist theology generally. Now let's take the opposite view... what do proponents of the ideology that america is an unjust imperialist aggressor generally think in terms of politics? Well, of course, anything from political nihilism to social anarchism to any other anachronism you care to name... the shame of it all is, generally this view is held as the majority view, even though it mostly permeates the liberal elite structure (l.e.s.) as such. Bell, and all implied if in consensus with 'Real America', indicates that 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Green and I quote 'Hate America'. Sounds trivial, non-nonsensical, etc. to people on the left - the idea that one's moral ground could implicitly be dis favorable to one's nation. But the closer you look at it, the more people who 'Hate America' have a deathwish not just for anything ascribed to the 'American Dream', but yea - to the philosophy of American Exceptionalism and Nationalistic Pride as is properly understood. Why would anyone hate the U.S. to the point of wishing for it's failure? As Economist Jean Strande points out, quite a few. No just kidding, anyways - happy monday@ DDU INFO HEADQUARTERS "DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED - LIVE USA"

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