Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smells of Anti-Fracking Ideology - 'The Truth Behind the Myth'

Anyone who's anyone, and we're all anyone really, has heard the grief stricken leftinistas gibbering on about the various details of the, I speculate, massive 'astro-turfing' push by the Obama Administration, or simply 'The Regime', to engender active disfavor regarding the practice of Hydro-Fracking.  It occurred to me, as most of my talent for discriminating the collectivism from the chaff or the chaff from the collectivism does, whilst looking idly at the local flora and fauna of my home state of N.C.  I wondered - 'Is all this mess about "fracking" really what it seems?'  I'm pleased to announce, in a state that has virtually immersed itself fully in the 'fracas of fracking', that I have come to a conclusion with which we as a country can move forth.  The conclusion, I'm sorry to say, is 'no, it is not what it seems whatsoever'.  I recently read an interesting excerpt from Jonah Goldberg's "The Tyranny of Cliche's", which I'll use to preface my conclusion.  The argument goes something along the lines of - that rebellious teen's Che T-Shirt is not just a Che T-Shirt, but a symbol of an inherently collectivist value set and belief system which seeks to distribute it's ideology into mainstream culture while denying it's ideological bias.  But it doesn't stop there - Mr. Goldberg goes on at great length about the simple and catchy catch-all, 'social justice', mentioning that most any politician could slip the words 'social justice' into a speech and receive the expected obligatory applause.  In fact, the term 'social justice' hides behind an effete sensibility a radically collectivist agenda which seeks to define the terms of the left-right debate on it's own terms and, again, deny it's ideological bias - I might posit, in the name of 'subjectivism'.  Think about it if you will, as there are many phrases upon which an understanding of collectivism can be hedged - take for example, 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'.  Sounds okay at first glance for some I'd suppose.  It's just a cliche.  I think however, the point which Mr. Goldberg was getting at is that with such a cliche comes, inevitably, tyranny.  Well, with this in mind - I'd like to describe my conclusion in a similar terminology, that is, the terminology of emotion.  What I'd like to say is, very simply, the whole ideological basis for the 'anti-fracking' cause is simply resentment of the re-ascendancy of capitalism coupled with dull anger at the very nature of the system with-in which we in America live.  But why so much of it?  Where I live at least, it's not uncommon to meet people who frequently deride the practice of hydrolic fracturing to retrieve natural resources as being 'unjust', 'dangerous', 'threatening', and the list of negatives goes on and on.  How is this possible, for the populous with-in the enlightened liberal establishment to be so thoroughly at a consensus about increasing profits for corporations?  The answer is simple, again.  When Nancy P. Loosey criticized the Tea Party as astro-terf, she could have had little foreknowledge as to how ridiculous this about face would become - for, as anyone familiar, as I am, with the Democrat Establishment Machine knows - the mechanization's of any given lib-rage protest are largely more condemnable for lack of passionate 'authenticity' and yea, Real American Spirit than any given Tea Party Rally.  The fact is, public dissent in regards to Hydrolic Fracturing is a result of a coordinated left wing attack campaign waged entirely on behalf of activist politicians and statist federal funding.  This would be no big matter altogether were it not for the 'astrological knowledge' of the architects of this intrinsically anti-capitalist cliche is so 'profound' that I'd wager 70 to 80 percent of people who'd find themselves on the side of disallowing the practice of Hydro-Fracking in their state would believe it as a core value and conviction, rather than a statement of position.  In fact, the number of people I've seen brutally worked up over what amounts to making sure to keep the dirt clean is such that I'm convinced it must be collectivism that is ultimately responsible for inculcating these populist values within the hearts and minds of the people of our state.  Disgusting.

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