Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of God and Gadfly - Leftist Commie Cabal, Drink the Hemlock!

Hemlock is a fine and tasty juice which has been used by dissidents throughout history to take responsibility for condemnable indiscretions and acts of intellectual malice, most notably the old wise gadfly Socrate.  My recommendation, not as a doctor but as an intellectual, to the left is - pour the damned cup of hemlock down your gullet, into your gut, and sit back and do what you do best.  This just in, from the local rag-tag left-wing propaganda news journal masquerading as adequate journalism - Headline 'In it's bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud'.  I'd gather it plays as a bit of a cute aside to the regular reader of this free phlegm rag, known as 'The Independent', whose familiarity with a simple lib-arts student grade bashing of all things Helmsian can scarcely be understated - and the article goes on to make quite a ruckus, at great length, about the Marriage Amendment Act which recently was voted into our state's constitution, going on to say the following, "This time the rest of the country didn't laugh or sneer at us.  It stared in horror.  This was just one bigot, one idiot, but members of his congregation were murmuring 'Amen.'"  I mentioned a moment ago understatement, but I believe I let overstatement remain unexplicated.  If this were a radio show, I'm sure I'd be well able to manage a good 30 minutes to an hour on this single fine example of anti-humorous overstatement but since, as William F. Buckley Jr. once said of writing, it literally causes me spiritual and physical pain to dictate the will of god as I do, I'll merely ask that one think about the idea of a bleeding heart liberal sitting writing some dreary hit piece for an inherently communist journal imagining what America must think of a state that would commit such a loathsome act as to amend it's own constitution to prohibit Gay Marriage - then think about the idea of someone claiming to be a journalist making broad statements about what America, personified, feels in terms of emotion.  It's so 'absurd' in a Camusian sense that I'll simply leave you with the following story from 'The Myth of Sisyphus'. Once upon a yonder upon yonder ago, there was a strong vigilant craftsman named Sisyphus, who was condemned by the 'Gods' to push a large boulder up and down an eternal valley of slopes until the very end of time.  He would go on, repeating the same task ad infinitum, not simply for a lifetime - as we all in some sense do - but forever.  Then, about 700 years into his infinite suffering, along meanders a young boy.  The young boy asks, "What are you doing with that boulder?"  Sisyphus replies, "I was punished by powers higher than myself to push this boulder up and down the hillside for as long as there is time."  The boy looks at him innocently and spits and says, "Why?".  That's really the rub of it, eh?

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