Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Major Turning Point in Politalk -

Well, as seems to be evident from many of my lazily constructed - not to mention often less than fully reasonable - blog posts from the past, I haven't been reading books other than the bible for quite some time... I think going on about 4 or 5 months.  On this date, that lone simple fact changed - and along with it, the direction of the aesthetic of Politalk on into the future...  Basically, after this post, I will be paying a lot more attention to detail (except for typos and grammatical errors), will be reading works by conservative authors non-stop (at least when I can afford it) to add substance to my worldview, and trying to cut back on psuedo-humorous asides and informal typing.  Hopefully this should bring me out of the realm of speculative philosophy and messing about with words, of which I obviously have no official training, and firmly into the realm of philosophy-tinged republicanism.  So, if yr critical of my positions - scan back through previous entries to find my glaringly speculative (but occasionally salient) posts on Philosophy; I'm sure you'll be able to find more than enough solidly incorrect interpretation (not to mention incorrect grammar and typos) to add to your view that I am 'stupid', 'narcissistic', and 'crazy' (or all of the above).  I'm loathe to mention what book I read that has changed the course of Politalk forever - but will merely mention that I read it entirely (with the exception of the forward) in one sitting and that it solidly and respectably and diligently to the point of heroism confirmed my one philosophical stance which has remained constant since the very beginning of Politalk - and that is the importance of the distinction between "collectivism" and "individualism", the inherent virtues of holding "individualism" as superior to "collectivism", and the prominence of "collectivist" ideology as, more than likely, a social "evil".  Hopefully, should my untamed creativity not run unchecked, I will be bringing Politalk back to basics so to speak.  Bread and butter issues should take a front seat to philosophical speculation, reference to religious thinkers should replace my own religious speculation, and construction of cogent and fluid narrative should become front and center.  For those on the right wing of the political spectrum, I would merely like to state that your continued readership, no matter how often or infrequent, is greatly appreciated and revered personally.  I honestly wouldn't know how to make up for the wasted minutes spent sifting through my inadequate formulation of republican positions and Christian morality... but all I can say is I'll try.  SPECIAL NOTE - I've recently discovered a disturbing trend.  Politalk is being read by citizens of many nations, as opposed to domestically only.  To be perfectly frank, I would prefer if only people within the U.S.A. could view Politalk, but knowing that there are people of pronouncedly different cultures than my own reading I will merely mention that those of you with less than friendly intent should pay due caution, not to mention those of you originating from less than "democratic" societies, even with the best of intent - you should also avoid Politalk for manifold reasons; among them - I can't be held responsible for how an authoritarian regime from, say, the middle east or asia might respond to clicking in to my Blog, let alone any blog from the U.S.A.  This marks, more or less, the end of ranting in Politalk - and the beginning of a sustained attempt at overall improvement in regards to respectability, sanctity, and legitimacy.  Thank you for your continued support, and I would merely kindly ask that those of you with dubious intent please discontinue frequenting Politalk.

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