Friday, May 4, 2012

DDU Superpac 'scandalfact' - Not fond of Partial Birth Abortion?

I made mention in a previous blog of given 'gates', like kitchen gate in a vlog from last month, and S.S.S. gate from the secret service scandal more recently... but what is a 'gate' ? - Think water-gate and then anything you want... and I've got quite a gate to report to my humble readership currently and on into the future - and I hope this stands the test of time regarding the pathology of those on college campuses and in academia. The 'Journal of Medical Ethics' of all rags was recently involved in 'Killing-Healthy-Infants-Is-Okay' gate, where two, oddly enough, scientists with Italian nomenclature were discovered as saying that (paraphrase) 'we should (I'm assuming 'ethically') allow abortions of healthy infants (yeah you read right>>>) if the father is not available to raise the child or the mother is inconvenienced by the birth.' Trust me, that's an accurate paraphrase, and trust me, it is completely (as the NR put it) 'bat-guano crazy'. The 'notion' (and yes, it probably *gulp is a 'notion' in a neo-hegelian/marxist sense) of 'aborting' recently delivered babies is, obviously to those on the right as well as the left, is generally deemed to be a good definition of 'murder', and the Krauthhammer republicans have always made a big deal about not supporting 'late term abortions' with other methods of 'birth control' being permissible morally - I, however, have a different view... and that is, obviously, a nasty brutish and short conspiracy theory which runs as follows - --------------------"Eugenics is an ideology as opposed to a 'true' philosophy that runs throughout many branches and schools of thought in a multitude of disciplines. The aforementioned 'gate' is merely a signal to all those with conscience that the 'slaughter of the inconvenient' is part and parcel with the corrupt tree and bitter fruit of the same ideology which led to the Holocaust, Eugenics." - Brendan O'Connell DDU---------------------- I'm going to simply stop typing any commentary for a moment and look for guidance from Christ to tell me if I should say what I'm going to say next.... (approx. 5 mins starting now) - "Whosoever receiveth this child receiveth me..." are the words I heard from jesus as I repented to a picture of Him on a cross reading 'Inri', King of the jews. "How were thine eyes opened?" sayeth a pharisee "By Christ" was the response. "He is a prophet?" they said. "Give god praise" he responded. "Here then is a marvelous thing, that ye know not from whence he is." they balked. "I am the light of the world, he that followeth me does not walk in darkness" jesus answered them all. --------------------------------------------------------------------- So, okay - brief digression there, but what I'm getting at is - it really all, as always, comes back to Hegel. That's right - G.W.F. Hegel ( for reference). You may or may not know this, but there are basically two kinds of 'Hegelians', or two lines of 'Hegelian thought' - that is 'Old' Hegelianism and 'New' Hegelianism. Among the 'New' Hegelians is a thinker named Peter Singer, who is a leading figure in contemporary dialectical materialistic interpretations of Hegel's legacy. Author of 'The Case for Partial Birth Abortions' and other critiques of Hegel viewed through the 'Evolution of History' lens, Peter Singer (seen here actually - interestingly enough, believes that an animal - that is... a dog... or a cat... - has more of a 'right to life' than a newborn infant... yeah... so, the real culmination of all this nonsense is the understanding that the 'killing-newborn-babies-is-okay' gate thing really has a long history, and is tied in with a type of intellectual elitism that 'runs amok in today's institutes of education, public and private' - (my words). I once came to the 'conclusion' that all history 'evolves' toward a culmination of 'Reason' that winds up in 'heaven on earth', blindly. Now, as I understand it - that translates as I came to the 'pre-determined ideological assumption' that all history 'has a marxist structure, inherently' which moves toward a culmination of 'Projection' that winds up in 'collectivist dystopia'.... no, I'm only kidding. So, anyhow - think about that... there's people who think it's okay to kill newborns if the mother is inconvenienced by having kids - and they work at your childrens' school. Happy Obamotherstate Friday!

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