Wednesday, May 2, 2012

God and Man at Community College

I began my career as an institutional drop-out, oddly enough, at a community college. Deciding, as a young vagabond does, to flee from the shackles of an 8-3 high school degree - and emboldened by my philosophical sophistry, I started that noble walk through G.E.D. alley. This has culminated, more or less, through years of travail and no associates degree to speak of yet - in a basic problem for me... and that is the problem of individualism and it's role in a collectivist society, as many believe all societies are today. My real intellectual journey began, as I recall, when I was around 11 or 12 when I became aware of the distinction between communism and something else - as well as the much controversialized and scandalized McCarthy trials on purported communists. I never really thought too much about it, being the mere social run-off of a particularly lengthy episode of 'behind-the-scenes' journalism... but then, at some point - I simply decided that I wanted to extricate myself from the ideology of communism. It was difficult, and to a degree, continues to this very day... unfortunately, to no degree of credibility or degree as such. But I was confronted, with this... distinction - between communism, and... something else. And, as a child - I suppose it's fairly obviously difficult to comprehend sufficiently... little did I know, this problem of sufficient comprehension of the importance of the 'communism debate' leaves one wanting a clearer distinction publicly, not to mention privately. But, because of its 'debatability' itself, college generally leaves the Truth as such and 'of itself rather than in itself' inadequately explicated. I suppose it probably is such because at some level of academia the basic nuances of capitalism and pure evil seemed too minute for mass consumption. Unfortunately, such was not the case for many inherently collectivistic authors throughout early schooling and on into even the classrooms of Publicly Funded community colleges. A close look at a standard textbook from the local community college reveals a closer look at what many despondent students are forced to digest, often because of inadequate intelligence or initiative - Page 26 BIO "The importance of protecting the environment" - (paraphrase) Page 37 "The importance of reducing the worlds population" - (paraphrase) Page 126 "Evolution is not the only theory (explicit)... Evolution is the correct theory (implicit). How much, really, is 'free-education' an invasive species? How much is 'public education' a bane on authenticity regarding intellectual integrity? How much does the pervasive influence of the federal government in today's states contribute to such blatant abuses of Educational integrity as 'Environmental Education'? Banal? Why was the author of these words booked on charges of 'talking about eugenics' (official transcript) and sentenced to take a 'loony-bin vacation' at the taxpayers expense under a criminal non-sovereign 'anti-law'? I wouldn't mention it, but among the accusations included in this blasphemous scarlette letter redux was simply 'talking about eugenics', as if to say it is a 'crime' or 'sub-crime' to oppose the mass slaughter of innocents. Obama is responsible for this. There will be revenge for me and others like me suffering from the unjust hand of collectivism. And though I will gladly proffer a fresh cheek (and did), I can only see bad things for america. We're obviously skeptical of the media and the school system here at DDU - just like any countercultural hero's - but the worst thing of all, is that it remeinds me of what collectivism is capable of. The aforementioned is no horror story, it's true - but what about killing an innocent fetus, which many are afraid to speak up on.. What about your christian friend who believes in evolution... thinks they can still be born again while believing in evolution? What about you? DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED - (HERE IS A YOUTUBE URL of a webvid of myself, ddu founder and member, 'silenced') - Thanks for reading, come again soon (will be updating frequently), and sorry for the poor encoding (sorting it out) - for music

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