Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake - Ban on Gay Marriage in NC Passes with Overwhelming Majority

Late last night, after the results of our historic election came pouring in along with mid-spring showers, supporters of Amendment 1 ate wedding cake  in jubilation - on the top of the cake?  a statuette of a single man and a single woman, enraptured and nudging each other lovingly.  Amendment 1, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman in our state's constitution, is controversial at best and, it seems to be turning out, bitterly divisive at worst... but one thing is for certain from this commentator's perspective - Amendment 1 has defined sodomy, homosexuality, and the GLBT community as the immoral blaspheme of a generation living in sin - and rightly so.  For too long, homosexuality has been deemed not only permissible, but in fact, very often, a desirable lifestyle and an act of liberation from what is generally often deemed by the GLBT community the 'heterodoxy'.  This carries with it all of the 'we're going to get your children' connotations associated with it... indeed, bisexuality is often considered by those on the left as perfectly normal, and a virtuous characteristic to be pursued if possible - bequeathing unto children, I've heard in such places as classrooms, the supposedly 'moral' view that homosexuality is to be tolerated... it is not.  Homosexuality and everything that the lifestyle and actual act itself carries with it, is condemnable in terms of 'Authentic Morality', and a corrosive force for degradation within culture and counter-culture as properly understood.  The bible teaches many things regarding the inherent immorality of homosexuality, but among the most salient is that nations, kingdoms, states, etc. who tolerate homosexuality are generally given to be 'out of favor' with 'he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming', thus incurring upon themselves the wrath of the almighty.  Doesn't seem very likely to many of the secular intellectual elite (and that's being generous), but it is altogether possible that kingdoms and communities which fail to adequately condemn immorality find themselves being condemned by immorality itself.  Think of an easier to prove example, say, violent crime.  If violent crime isn't properly condemned, a nation or kingdom runs the risk of being condemned by violent crime - but this isn't simply about keeping 'order' as many anti-freemason conspiracy theorists would have you believe (how they intend to dissuade people from supporting 'order' I've no idea), but is in fact about writing the will and sentiment of the people into the constitution of our state, a fact well substantiated by the overwhelming majority of voters who explicitly oppose gay marriage and implicitly condemn Homosexuality and other perversions.  -----------------------------------------------------------------

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