Tuesday, May 8, 2012

100th Blog Entry on Super Tuesday in NC!!!

*IN THE TONE OF SOMEONE ACCEPTING HONORS AT AN AWARDS SHOW* Goshm wow... thankyou... thankyou so much... you know, if someone had told me that I'd be typing my 100th post on the day our great state of North Carolina held elections, I'd have said it was devious collectivism that caused it... hehehe... but seriously - I'd like to mark this great occasion with a random sampling from 'Conservative Victory', the playbook I've used throughout this tumultuous time under the rule of a Socialist radical bent on destroying the constitution. Here goes... *ahem - from the chapter entitled, 'how republicans lost their way' - "Liberals are crafty: adept at turning every failure into a triumph, at least in terms of public perception. It was liberal policies that led to our stalemate and ultimately defeat in vietnam, but the lesson liberal professors and media taught society was that anti-war communist sympathizers had been right from the beginning. It was liberals who said we could withdraw from vietnam without risking significant bloodshed...many millions more share the belief that history has vindicated the liberals and their anti-war position... This is how good the liberal propaganda machine is: Even when their policies fail somehow our society never quite repudiates liberalism." You know, it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this many blog entries 'notched' in the old figurative belt, and by all accounts I should be under lock and key at this very moment - were it not for the anti-communist bent of our Law Enforcement Officers, I would be... It took me a long time to figure out how corrupt and un-capitalistic the Democrat Establishment Machine (The D.E.M.) really was... I believe, as a voice on the right once entombed, that the republican party has 'freed' millions of young americans from the burdens of ideological sophistry and allowed them to 'think, act, and feel' in accordance with their own conscience... this is alarmingly true, though the D.E.M. would have you think otherwise. The D.E.M. requires it's adherents to blindly sign on to every issue put forth, prescribing for those on the left a sense of moral superiority and automatic disgust at any contrary view. This does not bode well for democracy, where the law of the word of 'he who shall remain unnamed until the second coming' should rightly be the center of the moral, intellectual, and spiritual life of a man. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - 'Everything Changes because Nothing Changes'. The biblical truths of scripture say all that needs to be said about morality - yet even today, priests and pastors, especially often of the episcopal persuasion, refuse to take scripture literally - subscribing to such seemingly commonsensical interpretations of scripture as 'be nice' to a non-divine interpretation of the story of mans origin, i.e. evolution. How one could call oneself christian and ascribe not only to the sick and ultimately satanic ideology of universalism but bow down to the intellectual elite is, to me, unknown... I can only wager that really, it has to do with politics - and of course, republicans - as indicated by the amount of republicans in the south who rarely even get very political apart from spirituality (if one can call that political), put life before petty politics. We put 'Faith' before petty politics... We even put Morality before petty politics, as opposed to the other way around - Many on the left are guilty of buying into and proclaiming profuse knowledge of bold narcissistic lies leveled at republican leaders and adherents - for example, the idea that anti-homosexual sentiment can be defined as 'homophobia', and that said anti-homosexual sentiment is evidence of inherent homosexual inclination. Blasphemy, but you might be surprised to learn what the left thinks of people who put value in owning guns... Anything from the POTUS' claims of 'clinging' (a massively derisive statement in terms of respect paid to agrarian culture) to 'phallus fixation' - What about Sarah Palin? It seems that via 'mandatory repulsion' (I have no idea how they do it, but the D.E.M. seems to me to be able to mandate en masse such 'moral outrage'), Sarah Palin is inherently bad... Wow, profound! Does anyone here remember how vitriolic the left responded to raising even the mention of Mrs. Palin during the last presidential election cycle? Why? I don't know - I guess it's the old adage 'People are Stupid, and I don't like Stupid People'... but still, after all the sexist late-night humor and public chatter regarding Mrs. Palin, by all accounts an honorable and ethical woman, the D.E.M. attacked Rush Limbaugh sponsors, causing many of them to stop supporting Conservative Talk Radio somehow, on the basis of inherent Sexism - quoting the much used line o' Limbaugh 'Feminazi'... and people just go along with it - Bill Maher actually very recently called Mrs. Palin a quote B*tch on television, yet where was the public outrage there? Where was the call to pull sponsorship of his show? The fact is, as much as I can complain about liberalism etc... it must be far harder for conservative women today than men - I can only imagine what it must be like to face the daunting distaste liberalism has for conservative women within the workplace, especially when liberalism by definition takes itself to be the 'majority and correct' view. What about the antipathy towards the well off? Just like the 'homophobia is homosexual desire' viewpoint which I mentioned above, there is another startling view on the left and it is surmised thusly, 'rich people don't have feelings'. Just as with the 'homophobia is actually homosexual desire' leftist viewpoint, this attack on the wealthy is backed by not just a statistic, but a laughable quote 'scientific study', which, according to whatever leftist thinktank sponsored the eggheads involved in this little research project, came to the conclusion that poorer people have 'more compassion' and rich people have 'less compassion'. Thanks a lot science, another home-run for the progeny of Newton and ilk. What about the massively publicized anti-george w. bush sentiment that basically ran in the entire spectrum of media before the successes of the 'surge'? The anti-war nut, which never seems to be completely explicated for some reason, but always immediately agreeable to those with the counter-culturish bent. Well, all I'll say is, after THAT charade, I think many in america will have trouble taking a democrat proclaiming 'support' for our troops seriously ever agin.----------------------------------------------------------------- So, excuse my rant, as I really can't be expected to do anything more than say what's on my mind, 'again', for the 100th time - Today is super tuesday in North Carolina, and I'd just like to say..... *ORCHESTRA STARTS PLAYING* ...and ahem, I'd like to say *ANNOUNCER - 'Brendan O'Connell everybody, give it up for Brendan O'Connell, okay...' *GACK

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