Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great - a nice saturday and it's 80 to 90 percent collectivism ~

Ah, someone is going to come along and find my meager individualist shell of flesh decomposed next to my computer, being nipped at and picked at by rats and vultures. Kidding... No, I realized - I wasn't going to blog on a weekend, but... I realized that this is a particularly collectivist weekend, with all the diabolical implications that go along with the ideology of collectivism. No particular evidence to speak of, but the tone of this day of our lord is duly pragmatic and crushing. I'd say it's quite melancholic, but that would betray the lack of genuine emotion collectivism carries with it. It's autopilot saturday, and a muslim is the onboard navigator... I'm sure... I'm not the least bit afraid, however. My will is resolved to stay in league with the Christ, and I shall wait until his return. The 'terminator obama' spirit of middle class institutionalization of morality, upper class upward contempt, and lower class emboldening of criminality all are in perfect accordance to bring U.S.A. District #52 a loathsome saturday of mediocrity and machiavellian sophistry. Not to disparage ole' Saint Nick, of course - But, I swear... if this country doesn't stop slouching we're in for a bitter summer of sour grapes and mass sin. I hold no, hold on - *puffs cigarette* - I hold no pretensions about the validity of proclaiming today 80 to 90 percent collectivist. It's completely cartoonish, but in some sense accurate - Our local issue of import is the upcoming vote on tuesday on banning Homo-Marriage, and it seems to have sparked a nerve ending on the D.E.M. - I've seen god awful polemical television advertisements making the daftest claims, I've been accosted by a gay-rights activist from the ACLU right after, get this, being more or less pushed directly into the lions den (a social worker's office), and have had to fend off anything from psuedo-IRA/Union thugs up to direct contempt for myself in regards to my legitimacy of opin'. I'm witnessing the run-up to a major cluster-fuck and there is nothing I can do but simply go on the radio as I have been, proclaiming the truth, and fend for myself in a country that's turned dog-pound. At least I still have my brutality. Anyhow, I know - it's just, I know I know ~ I don't know... perhaps it's not all just random. I mean, if you're willing to admit there's a 'Being who shall not be named until the second coming' then rationality implicitly leads to unconventional verstehen of the 'Wheel of Fortune' - what hand doth lie on the wheel? I'd like to know, certainly it couldn't be anyone but some brutally elitist classico-marxist with a penchant for psychology. I don't want that guy running my life, and it's possible that he is! I mean, the tragedy america has become - I'm sorry, U.S.A. District #52-4, has become... I'm sorry - IS too sick for a humorous take on it. It's so sick, in fact, that it seems to be [EMPIRICALLY VERIFIABLE (CHECK THE TIME)] 1. Whining 2. Violent 3. _______(insert own observation about collectivist U.S. here). I mean, honestly - something is going on here... and fortunately, it's a good something. You see, all this complaining about 'Bama Hussein and his Regime o' Green is just racist white inferiority complex type stuff and, in all actuality, Barack is clearly clearing the way for, what I think we all would like to see... a Muslim controlled U.N., a multicultural official history book when the time comes, and - worst of all, the revenge of the nerds. That's right, 'nerds', with their superior knowledge and patience are being prepped by collectivists for their triumphant return to 'psuedo-counter-cultural-status' with 'slightly adequately paying jobs' and 'that girl that the collectivists set up for ;nerd virgin sacrifice:' - I'm just kidding, society could never at a low level bureaucratic mindset cause two lovers to become a couple... that is beyond the realm of possibility, especially for collectivism, and calls into question the sanctity of Love itself. I mean, that's just crazy. Aborting 10,000 fetuses a day? Only racist scum who aren't like us think THAT is wrong... and what's wrong with them anyways? Maybe we could just have their, well - 'roaring in the background' sort of, well - tempered. What's that? Oh, okay - I'll feign it then, the goddamned idiotic republican saps will never figure it out ~ What's that? What do I actually understand about psychology, philosophy, or Art? wel, erm... *nervous laugh followed by overly excited explication and misinterpretation of their 'thinker' of choice..... Machiavelli, if he could see the kind of infantile back-stabbing that goes on in everyday america, I'm sure Ole' St. Nick never would have taken refuge in agrarian- well let's just call it 'individualism', after being dropped on stone from a high place for crimes against his Principality. He probably would have stripped naked and wandered around shouting vulgar permutations of his Philosophy at passerby's on horseback, shitting all the while in a ditch and wiping unsuccessfully with blades of hay. Probably eating raccoons or whatever they have in Italy other than the Pope. Interesting factoid on that note... Mitt Romney is being persecuted. No, j/k - erm, apparently - little known fact - apparently King George the 8th had a very prominent early member of the Mormon cult executed - basically a Catholic inside job to stifle Mormons. Well, I don't suppose that will tickle everyone's fancy, but it certainly points to a deviously conspiratorial interpretation of what is 'going around' now that 'Bama Hussein and his Iron Glove of Industry have failed utterly and vastly, with public support and assuredly enthusiasm moving in concurrence with this tre.....aaaaaand I found what I was getting at with the thread title and all that - I've diagnosed (not prescribed) the problem with today as thus (OFFICIAL DDU DICTATE for May 5th, the rumblings of Occupy knocking tupperware out of the cabinets as we speak) - "Not only in our present time, but entire civilizations in some very very basic sense, have a 'notional inclination' which lacks 'authentic power', that is Sovereign power by the grace of the lord of hosts, and is and has been in a death grip with Reality. I am not particularly guilty of this in a narcissistic sense or otherwise. This is not art. That is not technology." - Domestic Democracy United FOUNDER Brendan O'Connell

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