Thursday, May 3, 2012

DDU - Domestic Democracy United's Philosophy of Liberty

WHat I've termed 'Domestic Democracy United' has more or less a slight waft of self-irony in regards to it's sanctity and legitimacy as an institution, however - I must make one thing clear; something which is clear to any who have read my manifesto, signed by hand by roughly 8 individuals... Not a big deal, after all... it's only 8 or so. But I can assure all readers of politalk that DDU has credibility, in some sense, by way of the 'kind' of people who looked through DD United's basic statement of principles (which run anywhere from 'protect the free market' to 'overthrow FEMA camps'), mostly working folk who struggle in the south. True southerners, one would say for certain and with pride. But I try to keep a light heart about just how influential Domestic DU really is, which is - of course, immensely so. The degree to which one man's actions, words, and conceptionality in terms of the embodiment of 'Worldness-unto-Being' alludes to the way in which the 'everyday' conception and embodiment of 'Being' as an ontology of a single unknown citizen, an 'everyman' if you will, has the capacity to change not only the winds of time but the tides of light, is not to be underestimated, dismissed without warrant, or given the lack of credit the mainstream media so sorely deserves. Determinations made by an 'everyday individual' are of large consequence, more-so even than the much sentimentalized, say, publishing circuit. It used to be such that any publisher of a given written work would bestow upon the well funded author a size-able upgrade in status and prestige regarding social goings-on. From what I've heard, most often revered are those who have their 'conceptionality' picked up by a major publisher/distributor and distributed amongst perhaps an entire beachside rather than a single grain of sand. But in fact, and though it bequeaths me to sort of mention here that this is all sounding a bit sardonically Rushkoffian in terms of content - I'll argue and can argue at some length, it really isn't in terms of 'concept' - in fact, it is the power of the Individual, not the media, that has the grace of the Lord of Hosts. Rushkoff, author of books that decry what he term's the 'Corporatist' mentality that leads to the very populist and technically republican/conservative dictum which states that 'corporate charters lead to vast accumulations of wealth and this is a bad thing'. The real key turn between this man, who from inside sources has read some of the same books on Hegel that I've read, and myself is the notion of the 'Federal Government' as 'part of the problem' and, how I like to put it - 'Large Centralized Government' being contrary to 'liberating one's spirit in regards to Freedom 'of itself''. Where many on the left so specific instances of malfeasance as being part of some shadowy octopus-like conspiracy to prevent the 'greatest good' (i.e. Totalitarian Collectivism) from being realized as we all know we would like to see, I tend to garner my bets on the Antiquarian realities of Western Civilization itself, and the Christian tradition of 'pilgrimage' specifically. This great country was founded on the heart of many things, the mind of many things, and the multitude and mass of spirit that was the search for release from religious persecution that forms a cornerstone of the Constitution 'as such', and has much to offer the industrialized world - but need we really let ourselves be brought further into a downward turn by unequivocally ignoring Truth in favor of, shall we say, the bane of all ideologies - Subjectivism? Anyhow, I'll end with a short quote that I've memorized from 'The Phenomenology' "Reason is Spirit when it's certainty of being all reality has been raised to Truth, and it is conscious of itself as its own world and of the world as itself." -GWF HEGEL PHENOMENOLOGY OF SPIRIT

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