Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Politicians on the Left are hereby required to a-paul-ogize

Mittslips for pinkos - pass it on.

As you can clearly see, I'm capable being half-mug, half mafioso, and half thug -

Call it, say - I dunno tea-club-bat.

And yes, I'm wielding mine every chance I get. I suppose it's just the 'ecstatic truths' of Mitt's decisive win - unfortunately, as we all know according to completely unreferenced sources; Mr. "Heaven is your own personal planet" thinks it understandable yet, honestly according to an interview with Sean O'Hannity the day of that completely massive decisive victory a tid-bit west of the south uber-tuesday which was really astonishingly historical, *cack - worth repenting for...

I'm sorry, I lost my 'strain of thought', and I'll just assume you and your colleagues are extravagantly ahead of me -

what was I getting at?

ah yes, the fact that Mitt is... (scroll down if psy-curious)

...mildly willing to pander to organized laber, i.e. the mafia.

Whelp, just another *gulp* on my side - however I think it is pardonable, especially when the radio aired Mr. "Lord of U.s.N. Disctrict # 23" confessing his noble sins to a level-headed O'Hannity - his sin? Pandering to unions.

Well, he's from bloody massajewsits AND has no compunction about it - a striking new ideology for the Republican party... and I do believe it signals a new directiones for - yea- the very definition of Neo-Conservatism.

Just as Bush Sr. defined, in a sense, paleoconservatism and Bush Jr. "da dubya d-o-n" defined Neo-Conservatism for an entire generation - Mitt, who to a degree of 98.7 percent (updayt'd accuracy rating btw) security-NRA/NSA precision (lol), will be 'sweeping' into the oval office (not to mention the pentagon [should be interesting]) this november - should influence the direction of republicanism in a young generation's spirit/mind/minds (lol only joking) for, well let's get out the wrist watch which is a time machine that gives you the 'short hour hand of power with absolutely no A.M. or P.M.) as well as conflates extraterrestrial conspiracy theories with Mormonism when looking directly at the shadow (it's a bowl of office-christ cereal [lol -redacted what I was going to type there]) - ah yes, - : for half a century.

So where WILL conservatism be in 2013, after we've gone beyond the hysteria and passionate potato peeling?

I must say, we all aught to start a petition to keep our throats safe, if you know what I mean. Not about Mitt Romney, but about the large number of (inside intel) mormons who work for the federal government. Still, saying that - I have rallied around and gently discarded derision of Mormonism... interestingly enough for those of you conservatives who aren't Domestic Democracy United's SuperPAC (unofficial copyright)= [finally spelled it right, by 'writing' it p- lol, never mind - *aphlegm* who aren't OUR biggest fans, I have a bit of crucial inside 'use this to destroy me' type info.

I was anti-mitt.

I read one semi-humorous semi-serious semi-psuedo-intellectual article in the National Review about the stigmata surrounding the Mormon Faith in W.F. Buckley's underrated NR rag (great for addie dancers, not so great for that guy who either believes nothing that he hears on the radio or believes everything he hears on the radio RUSH AD REFERENCE#).

Now I'm pro-mitt.

Accusations of worshiping false gods are welcome, anything else is a Jonesian conspiracy theory... which might be a tremendously good thing for many of our young anti-estabbyment rebels considering B.Y.9/11-Gate (a mormon scientist who came out publicly about and was fired for endorsing that whole ugly two headed beast called "loose changed lib meets whacko-westboro baptist cartoon in a bum-beg plea for Truth").

)scroll down to see if you are WAAAAAAAAY ahead of me...

a.k.a. "9/11 was an inside job"

It's interesting actually - as I have reason to believe Mitt da Mormonista will be far easier on Alex Jone's acolytes than ANYONE who enjoys hip-hop, jazz, blues, or electronica too much... but I only surmised this from a brief quote in the tons of laughs massive article on Mormon stigmata saying "Mormons are very, very white".

It'll do little good, but I should mention that BEFORE I voted for John McCain in 08 (my first official non-kneejerk republican/conservative 'act') I spent years upon years training in the art of populist-conservatism (technically 'paleo', but I honestly don't see how one couldn't describe Alex Jones and ilk as highly 'neo-ideological' in some sense), and it may, honestly, have made the transition from youthfull idiot to realistic aged caucasion just tad less difficult and a tad more reactionary.

Also, gallons upon gallons of reprehensible attempts at repentance (of which this blog is one)

But anyhow, haven't listened regularly to any conservative 'voice' other than the HOLY TRINITY of talk, Beck (father), Hannity (son) and (holy ghost lolz) 'El'... so I'd be interested to know what kind of mind-numbing 'nuance' jones must be 'powerfully' souting und espousing in this confusing political terrain. I can only 'hope' lolz that it get's these damned conspiracy theorist nuts a proper 'acorn' to chew on, if you get my drift.

Nambla, however, as well as the ACLU, NAACP, and EPA sympathizers had better watch out.

Scroll back to the top of the page for what amounts to a 'threat that could just be the church of latter day saints digging for aluminum in a copper factory' or simply 'a mark of narcissism/vanity/egocentrism (it's not)', but which more than likely is a direct and world-wise reference to the title of that show about _______________Redacted________________ called __________OT____________.

Thank you,

and I'm not locked away in an insane asylum, which is fortunate... very fortunate.

Although, to be perfectly frank - I honestly had 'hoped' they would throw me to the shock-doctors out west in terms of, well - 'self-sacrifice' in the name of my own personal Tea Party with, I think, approximately a single cup of tea [there may have been two or so, but very strictly limited myself to non-threatening 'sleepy time'].

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