Friday, April 20, 2012

Domestic Democracy United SUPERpac

Hello and welcome to my blog politalk, the home of rightwing lukemia curathon thinktank Domestic Democracy United. Joking of course - if you look through the blog I'm sure you'll find that the statements made by DDU are 97.8 persent accurate in accordance with EIB standards. Blogging, philosophy - local and national conservative banter as well as a heaping of oldschool sap and impurify your precious bodily fluids style anti-communism. So have a smoke, unless you're a cancer patient in which case all smokes are disallowed. But seriously, Gold is precious, silver is too, but what about - the ole; red white and blue. God Bless america, and happy 90th post and 27th birthday to me! Excelsior! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! So, anyways - local events - erm, amendment 1! There was Gaffe-Gate, in which a person who was deemed politically 'in-line' with the D.E.M. put a garish 'vote aginst amendment 1' sign right where everyone could see it at a local 'gathering of the spirits'. Then there was 'Freedom-Gate', in which a known communist was seen to have told someone that believing in jesus christ is somehow stupid and indicated for the 'assailant of liberty' to be quiet on accounts of Freedom; which was later found to be the opposite of freedom and the 'accused' turned out to be correct in regards to freedom. There was 'homo-hate-gate', in which vocal support of amendment one was deemed a form of homophobic hatred. That one n3eeds to recusaL. Anyhow, the biggest 'gate' of all is... 'y-o-u' gate. That's right, it's really just a reflection of the beloved 'm-e'. That 'gate' I have no comment on, merely to say it is 'not the deficiency of the omnipotence of an almighty god, but the lack of our faith'. The end. no wait, it's not quite my birthday yet, so - Populism - scourge of conscience By __________BRENDAN OCONNELL (inmate number 333909) Populism is the plague of the hillside in U.N. district #83, in which a misguided form of morality poises as correct interpretation of selfhood. The only respite is in the conscience of science, and in a pluralistic government of due course and responsibility of the pervading ethic. The only recourse is in the pervasive presence of 'death', and 'fear'. But due course has it's own judgement. I remember christ as a savior, now he is gone - oh so ... gone. So, about 30 more minutes. I'm going to participate in libelous libalities, so...
And I'm 27! happy pathetic b-day to me.

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