Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Emergence of Sovereign Philosophies of Liberty

Though occupy has all but degraded to whining unemployed ex-collegiate scum propping up the corpse of Karl Marx and the 'Mayan Prophecy of 2012' has submerged into ludicrous mythos - there does seem, at least from my individual perspective, to be an emergence of a new philosophy of liberty based in individual sovereignty and divinity coming upon the horizon.

Divinity, not in the root sense of the word, but as a kind of call of freedom - the god given right our founding fathers fought so nobly to forever entomb in the U.S. constitution. This 'call' is philosophy emerging into a country adrift in a red ink ocean of rhetoric. Rhetoric and philosophy seem to those of us most familiar with the dialogues of Plato to be of kind in such a way as rhetoric is generally granted the title of that which distinguishes mere morality of the judeo-christian type from Philosophy properly speaking.

In fact, what we may bear witness to in this year of our lord 2012 is the familiarity of our own everyday sense of profundity becoming the guiding ethic which strikes and blows it's way towards the ultimate renewal of Freedom.

Sovereignty is not a word one needs to look up.

And the multitude of non-elite's coming to take power away from the Marxist/Communist/Socialist rungs of power interwoven and insinuated into our backyards by way of the Institutionalization of the Federal Government Ideology surely must be given the bizarro-world spirit of 1968 decree it deserves.

Occupy is out.

The tea party has caught fire, and Justice fans the flames continually by the grace the Lord of Hosts and the brave soldiers of fortitude and courage who commit acts of political courage in a genuine commitment to the virtue of the guiding principles which founded this great land.

But the fight is still on, and will continue to be on, as long as the Columbia-schooled Marxist hit-and-run media continues this ridiculous charade.

Michelle Bachmann once mentioned having a great deal of concern for what children are 'bringing home in their bookbags', and while I have no doubt neo-socialist psychology classes titter till dawn with contrite musings about the need for, and I quote, dismantling the structures of oppression, I do fear my suspicions about the sanctity of education and the threat Marxism poses to the intellectual life of our nation to be due and timely with proper understanding of the business of education and the massive federal funding public institutions receive which amounts to forcing al gore's ideology down our young americans' throats...

But the sovereign philosophies of liberty are emerging despite these failings of conscience, and our young men and women of the Tea Party are finding that not only do many people support them in their brave stance - but that the very beacon of light of the Lord of Hosts does as well... and will reveal unto those who are willing to receive it the wisdom of Solomon, the spirit of Freedom, and the nobility of being on the right side of history.

The Sovereign Philosophy of Liberty



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