Thursday, April 12, 2012

House Budget Committe Chairman's Budget balked at by EXEC office

Representative Paul Ryan has been doing his damnedest to sort of 'fix' the 'fiscal affairs' in our downgraded folly of a mess that 'Bamerica is, yet he receives little envy from myself regarding his precarious position within the estabbyment proper, as well as his own party.

Representative Paul Ryan's glossed over budget plan addresses some of the key concerns of everyday America, as well as making a bold, and notably existent, move to provide America with a path towards sustainability.

I say 'notably existent' with foreknowledge of a single fact I've unearthed from the annals of current Senate history... The Democrat controlled Senate has not produced a single budget since The Messiah (just call him regular ole Barack Hussein if your in the 'who I'd like to have a beer with' type of mindset) was bestowed the reigns of our Great Nation now 3 years ago.

Not a single budget!

Inside the beltline sits a vast array of federally funded psuedo-intellectual serfs with plenty of time on their hands - you'd think the least they could do is propose a way to cut the deficit.


'The Path to Prosperity', Ryan's Budget plan, proposes several key cuts - namely to obamacare - so the reaction within the lib-vulture media and amongst rabblerousting populist progressives in the Super-zips has been one of quasi-moral outrage and general across the board down-the-line brown suited lifer-like disapproval and blanket 'scoffing' condemnation, so sayeth lord Chuck U. Schumer and the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) and Queen Pelosi.

The Executive Office itself has issued a statement saying Representative Paul Ryan's 'Path to Prosperity' budget plan (official quotation of White House Staff#) "Fails the test of balance, fairness, and responsibility."

As much I'd love to break down the language of that simple rebuff to copious amounts of reasonable legislation and due credence to the will of taxpayers and yea- national majority sentiment - I'll simply let those staid words stand on their own, and suggest that any deduced inherent radicalism in Rep. Ryan's 'Path to Prosperity' legislation ignores just how moderate the plan itself is. The D.E.M. plan? most likely to propose favoritism to the middle class whilst picking their pockets and spending recklessly on government programs with little to no oversight within the publik proper.

The complete annihilation of Obamacare-type legislation in Ryan's plan probably contributes to the left's degree of 'balk' - but let's take a look at some of the truths about the content and spirit of 'The Path to Prosperity'....

~It spends approximately 5 trillion less than the President's plans for spending over the next decade - meaning, no 'major' cuts.

~It increases spending on National Security, a key component of the dispute between the Congress Repubs and the 'Bama Whitehouse.

~It replaces the current Medicare program entirely with something entitled "premium support" - providing seniors with extra care rather than, as Sarah Palin entombed, the possibility of death panels.

~Requires insurers to act in accordance with their conscience, autonomy, and Capitalistic structuring by setting up an environment where insurance companies must 'bid' in a process of Democracy rather than Socialism.

~According to the National Review, "older and sicker beneficiaries" under the 'Path to Prosperity' budget plan would receive "more help"
(There's a sense in which this relegates Hospitals and Healthcare providers back to their 'E.R.' role and dismembers the increasing use of Medicalization as a frame for Morality.... last I checked, Hippocrates isn't currently the reigning early Greek philosophe.)

~Ryan's budget proposal would limit the practice of the 'District of Corruption' (bribing states with federal funding, specifically in regards to Medicaid and I can only hope Education.

^The above^

All objectively absolutely unequivocally universally - true.

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if the D.E.M. wants to kill public enthusiasm for 'The Path To Prosperity' for reasons of it's acute 'down the line' ideological aversive 'resist everything republican' dictates directly descended and implemented by the fine pen swab's of The Wicked Witch of the West, queen pelosi (I'm not even going to capitalize her nomenclature) and reigning North Eastern Elite champion of the hum drum Chuck U. Schoemer... maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just that the D.E.M. and it's mechanisms of survival simply hate the genuine, authentic, and honorably bold Neo-Conservatism of Representative Ryan and his 'Path'.

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