Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World War Three - Inevitable

You know, I was just in an interesting discussion about the war of philosophies, ideologies, and -obviously- militaries we know today as World War Two - and it reminded me of just how tremendous wars can be, let alone how much honor can be sacrificed at a worthy endeavor. Stud's Terkel refers to WW2 as "The Good War", and I somehow disagree that war can really in any way be good. Especially World War Two, which was not as vile and base as many previous wars in some ways - It was a war of 'civilizations', two competing slime molds fighting for dominance of western thought, might, and economic stability. World War Three is certainly, as Buckley once entombed, inevitable. Often, is my guess, wars not of the scale of a world war are actually done to prevent further harm for when another World War will happen. Take Vietnam - as I crazily thought outloud recently - "let's say a given 10,000 Vietnamese died in the war in Vietnam. How many more people, asians specifically in that area of the world, would be able to assist in another World War given their lines of descent?" I don't know the answer, and it is that peculiarly blasphemous form of american ideation known as 'pontification'... but honestly - by invading the middle east, there are obviously analogies to be made. When Mahmoud or whoever declares the Muslim 'whatever the hell you call that' has risen, how many less terrorists will there be to help him and his allies? World War Three, whenever it happens, is at very least - inevitable. You could look at timetables, analyze 'end' strategies... but that's all icing on the cake. The most likely form of ww3? Race War. Kidding. Fill in your own blanks, I know Washington has. But yeah, WW2, and commemorating veterans... hmmm.... what greater sacrifice is there, than the sacrifice american troops make by giving their lives for their country. What greater honor? I know of none, short of service for the sake of security in a non life-threatening capacity. Life is so fragile, and the weight of death pulls so many men down to the Inferno - the capacity for any one of us to be pulled from this world and into the next is so great that many will not remember this gravity when the time comes. But lo - there is a way for us to know death, know god, and know country - and that is through making the greatest sacrifice the Lord of Hosts can put upon a man, and that is to give one's own life for the sake of a noble endeavor. Anyhow, the most salient thing, I think, about the current climate of fear - is that it's absolutely inevitably intertwined with the 'race for supremacy' which, as 'racy' as it sounds - happens on many levels every day. Think about markets, think about classrooms, think about business, and think about war... why do all of these concurrent strains of the 'race for supremacy' make themselves transparent? Only because of the 'will' to survive which is found in all of us. From the greatest elite to the lowliest chattel, each one has this supreme sense of being able to make it for themselves and their family. Each one of them takes into account the manner of execution, and the modus operandi in mind. We all have a basic, 'will to survive', but what happens when these 'forces' collide on an international level? What happens when there 'forces' put boots on the ground? What happens when 'the bomb' becomes the supreme force of nature? Well, WW2 certainly has some answers. IF you likened it to, say, the most obvious ww3 scenario Chinks vs. Americans, you can see how 'superior characteristics' often lead to 'inevitable losses'. IF you look at the revolutionary war of 1776, how much were the victories in that noble struggle the result of the power of he who shall not be named until the second coming (i.e. the LORD)? Look at late 60's early seventies Vietnam, and it's portrayal by activists as a bloody quagmire- how much does the media, the left, and the enemy itself comingle in a disastrous situational co-dependance for security? The main thrust of what I'm saying is full on Nuclear War is inevitable, and where will all of this have left us when future generations or even ourselves are called on to 'survive'?

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