Friday, April 13, 2012

This is Crazy - Latte's, Cappucino's, Expresso and the War on War on Women -

loal - catchy title?

Hopefully, at least in civilized society, we can all universally condemn labor unions?


at least all 8 of us who still care about 50's era politics? loal...

erm, gulp... heh~ what I meant to say is 'hope'fully, in a (what the hell is a synonym for 'civilization', and what's with Newt's Catholic Copywrite on the term loal?) we're all having a nice 'cup' 'ah' 'joe' - that is, the massively used drug/ of caffeine - god bless her loal.

Well, I know you aren't, but maybe you should get one - say, perhaps, at your local coffee shop. Ah, wait - damnit... collectivism. I guess that's out.

Well, I guess the ole cafe' machine in this massive complex or little office or little massive complex office will have top do.

Gulp ~


So yeh, politalk - and the 'war' on the 'war' on 'women' - the 'war on women' (obviously), and the 'war on the war on the war on' 'real women', and the farcical (as I see it) media hyperbole we're confronted with since about... oh, 2003?

Well - first we have a small #not sourced officially# 'statistic' on women - those quotes aren't ironic, and it could be true and under'-'reported' loal... gulp, erm... uh~ ahem... gulp that, yeh - could be true but might be populist heresy -

gulp, 'ironic ypo is ironic' - *nervous laiugh

(scroll down please)


92 % of people who have lost their jobs since 2009 have been women.

erm... uh oh.


so, interestingly enough - this reminds me of the subtle 'ironic use' differences between northern and southern conservatism... oh, wait - never got to that high a level in southern studies loal - (waiting for obama to leave office before I'll even set foot on any kind of college campus for the purposes of reading text) -

umm... what was I going to say agin? ah - yes... no addie dance here!

Ultimate 'good one' truth of that thing goin on in the meedjya 'loal' -


What to say about it, I have no Idea... but I'm sure it's collectivist. loal.

Now, just for kicks and general transcription I'm going to erm... oh yeh - transcribe (damnit) my ole western civ book at random (no way I'm touching my old southern studies pamphlet/textbook loal 'joking joking... sry) - back from before liberal 'influence' of 'deviously malicious' abritrary nonsense 'loal sry' NEA unionization became the elephant....mmmmmjokeincoming.... or 'donkey' if you like...... in the room for many 'sovereign citizens' 'lulz' -

mmmm.....wwwwwwith a short preface by random Jew Gold Solomunic hermeneutics (look it up - I didn't [sry sean hannity])

'A Better way to think about sustainability in #russian tone of voice# Industry. loal.

oh, btw - happy obunnuca to all fans of Politalk - (it is still technically obunnica, right?)

Essential ReaDing:

Perry, Western Civilization (sixth edition)

Marvin Perry
Baruch College
City University of New York (CUNY, really? damn - that kind of f*cks up my whole NEA thesis... ah well, I'll always have the run up to Iowa that liberals and conservatives alike won't be able to remember era Bachmann - [btw, did you know she used to be a carter era democrat?])

George W. Bock, Editorial Associate

Houghton Mifflin Company - Boston - New York

*what was that dif between southern and northern conservatism agin? loal)

side note (as If this blog hasn't become a series of side notes loal - used to get like 800 views a month... somehow dropped down to leik 8 or something) - Come partially from THE houghton line... that's the non-Mein Kampf publishing side of my episcipo roots) pause... just mlol'd (mumble laughed out loud) bmpas (because my parents are sleeping)... think that'll catch on?

omg - first page I flipped to is addressing anti-semitism kind of - loal...

second try -

The Moderate Stage, 1789-1791

The Great Fear (ooooooh)

Revolution in the countryside also served the interests of the reformers. Inflamed by economic misery....... aaaaaaaand no way I'm putting this down on a blog publicly - look it up yrself!

Anyhow - tired, angry (not grumpy) and def. bored as I climaxed by 'fuck with the NSA tea party style' campaign earlier tonight. lulz/loal but not lol.

Ah, the sweet blasphemes of a generation.

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