Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DDU Dialup ~ The Constitution v. The Fed

With so much tumult in the political world, one would be best fit to focus on Obama's proclaimed constitutional activism on capitol hill... that is, Judges Kennedy and ilk scoffing at 'Bama-care.

The above is the very latest analysis of the Supreme Court case from Buckley's NR ~

I consider obamacare, indoctrination at college campuses and elsewhere with the goal of training healthcare officials, and yea- most doctors themselves to be a new strain of Neo-Communism. Obama, a friend of radical ideology and foe of of the private sector, wants to inculcate communism into every citizens lives by way of federal funding for the sources of training of Health Care Workers (or H.C.W.'s).

This form of communism is a branch of the pragmatic strain of socialistic proto-marxism, with more than a little sociological 'justice' and psychological 'medicalization of undesirability' - but it's most concurrent strain of evidence of communist Totalitarianism is it's inherent 'Collectivism' (see Edward G Robinson on Individualism vs. Collectivism on youtube).

The most common publicly stated effete elitism used to justify mandating the purchase of a good or service?

'Those without insurance cause ill effects to those with insurance'.

Analyze this sentiment, and it's blatantly obvious that the everymans outrage with those who remain uninsured is little more than the individual explication of "hive mind" - i.e. collectivism.

This isn't to say thee issues shouldn't be addressed somehow, but most assuredly the legislation being debated on capitol hill at the moment and on into the forseeable future is inadequate at best for fixing Healthcare costs generally, and near Satanic in it's inherent Communism, which is best typified by the marxist left-wing media and socialist schooled healthcare workers.

To this day, the spirit of Karl Marx can be felt in america in our institutions of academia, in our healthcare institutions, and in our institutions of the press.

I say, after we throw Bamacare in the medical waSTE disposal bin of history, let's as conservatives advance legislation that forever cripples the reach and grip of the federal government. Call it a Romneybomb or some such thing.

Till next time.

Oh, and mind the philosophy -

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