Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, Friday, gotta blog about The Secret Service Scandal on Friday, Friday -

Obama + Intelligence agencies = all around massive failure. This guy wouldn't know how to run intell at a local mall, let alone sell a damned tarnation whatever they sell at the local mall. Btw - you should go... go to the local mall - and BUY! NO DISSENT. Me, I'll be down at the local Walmart, with some local greenback, and a local space scooter dragging me to and fro. ...and that's real america. Not some figment in the liberal elite's imagination, but straight facing walmart. But the secret service scandal (or, wait for it, the S.S.S.) is just laughable, and would be dismissed offhandedly as such were it not that it more than likely reflects major errors within the 'security' branch of the federal government as a whole. Cut national defense? Why? When we've got enough firepower to make strategic moves globally. Transparency? Why? When the only revealing factor in any given 'gate' is it's allusion to being crap. I'll tell you, back in my day the secret service didn't even make itself 'public' let alone be the subject of 'major scandal'. Now we've got transparency, accountability, and no more taxes for anyone making under 250,000 a year - all in one! zzzzzzz 'Bama, go back to Kenya - that's what I say. Oh, and tell those goons at the S.S. to face enough coke on their way to hell to mitigate the effects of being a stooge. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAH- Omg - the Obama administration is so 'free and loose' that where Bush got up everyday at 5 or 6, Ol' 'Bama Hussein wanders into the oval office around 11. And another thin.... ah never mind. Oh, Happy Obamica!

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