Monday, April 23, 2012

America - "Prepare for Higher Taxes"

That's right, prepare for taxes to be raised across the board for everyone in America soon. According to an interview with Bob Woodward this morning on all seeing ted turner television, America has "been on a spending spree" and will "have to pay higher taxes" for "everyone". Meaning, of course - everyone will be paying more in taxes... Well, perhaps they're just putting together the main-stage for the POTUS run in 2012 (lower/higher taxes, etc.) - but it seems like a bit of a concession coming from ole' Bobby Woodward, who said more or less - "What's the deal" with the economy, admitting ruefully that the Executive office has been somewhat inept at budgeting. So, I guess that's it, huh? The Washington Post waves it's magic wand and all through the land tax rates increase? I dunno, Woodward himself in this 'too early in the morning to be important' interview seemed a bit distracted - pluggin his book and issuing derisive critique. Either he has not enough gall to come right out and say what he would like or so much malice that what he would like to say detracts from the Exec narrative, adds to the Repub narrative, and probably still manages to fit the Democrat narrative, which is suffering from poor POTUS approval numbers. 2008... why couldn't it have been Hillary? Why did this have to happen? Why did I buy all the hype? Why did I drink the cool-aid? These are all questions libs must surely be asking themselves as Obama increasingly, as due to 'mini-gates' like the secret service scandal, looks like an inept manager, a lackluster speech-maker, and a pop-media vulture who'd be better off 'behind' the camera. But oh so... so what, eh? Well, It would be fine and all if the Messiah himself hadn't devoted himself to making the history books for radicalism, and disciples of 'Bama Hussein haven't more or less dedicated themselves to going down with philosophy flaring. They intrinsically still cling to the 'imperialist aggressor' view of american exceptionalism, a view which makes sense should one be of the invaded country in question - but never much of a popular move when it comes to the tenets of ones own civilization. They may regret for the rest of their lives the pain they've caused so many god-fearing americans, but surely that would give the evil inanity of the Left too much credit. Spurious faith, questionable grotto, fate so cruel that we'll strip the tree's of bark in our clutches on our way down to the Inferno.

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