Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The above is a short film I made about a massively used 'sample' (that is, a piece of recorded sound re-contextualized for use in 'sample based music' or 'electronic music') which, because this IS politalk, I will highly politicize.

The main beat in regards to this sample is, of course, S.O.P.A. type legislation.

If you watch this video, you will find that the man responsible for this 'breakbeat' (which has been used as a 'chaser' by MTV for their DVD releases), has made NO money off of it - even though entire forms of music have been based around this one sound.

Domestic Democracy United believes that this is an injustice, and that ALL copyrighted material should be given due respect.

We at DDU believe that it is a tragedy, and KNOW that it is a crime, for 'samples' that are copyright to be used for any purpose whatsoever without due respect to the author, and sale should be prohibited without dues paid to the copyright holder.

Now, legislation for this type of thing clearly deserves a responsible and fine tuned system in which one can be 'just' and still allow for 'sample based music'...

But, unfortunately, this will not happen with the Democrat-type legislation that is being advanced in Washington at the moment.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to increase federal oversight of the internet.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to 'shut down' sites which promote access to inspirational material.

They will merely use S.O.P.A. as a way to increase their Huxleyan Mommy State institutional mentality and insinuate it into our lives.

What won't they do with this?


The censorship so needed in this day and age, when a 15 year old in a Nuclear household can double click on a NETFLIX link to hardcore horror and be completely neurologically altered for the rest of their life.

The censorship so needed in this day and age, when your average 16 year old watches more hardcore pornography than an adult in depression era America did.

The censorship so needed in this day and age, when your average 17 year old is getting tips on 'life-integration' from some nihilistic stooge who cares little for the massive power they have to be a good influence in the lives of people looking for answers for the most fundamental questions of morality, nor about (dare say) Christian virtues at all.

Least of all, will they bother getting fine artists like Richard Spencer the recognition they deserve.

No, S.O.P.A. will merely increase the federal government's ability to corrupt an entire generation - and shove more of their hardcore indoctrination down our collective throats.

S.O.P.A. legislation will, ultimately, fail - when you have it's proponents saying things like "well, we'll still let you use copywrited material in Youtube video's."

I thought the whole point was to keep the 'letter' of the law?

Oh, that's it - I forget, out of an inhuman fear, that the 'letter' of the law doesn't matter anymore. Neither does the 'spirit' though these dastardly fools would surely make a play for said virtue.

No, what matters now is the 'lack of law'.

We don't need the 'law', when we have washington insiders telling us how to live!

We don't need the 'law', when we have psychiatrists telling us what's okay and what's not.

We don't need the 'law', if we're turned into a nation of nihilistic Christ-haters!

All we need is for the Huxleyan Mother State to tell us what to do, who to tattle on, and how to buy.

All we need is a derivative and ultimately inferior moral code telling us how to behave.

All we need is an unjust liberal elite shoving their terrible television down our throats... and don't bother to ask for anything better... they've already got a response with 1,500 pages of legislation behind it ready to answer your query...

"you don't know what's good for you."

That's right, "we know what's best - and don't question it for even a second or we'll get our team of experts indoctrinated at public schools to put a stop to you..."

What happened to my America?

I think it may be dead...

But there is still hope...

There is still one bastion of morality hovering above the decrepit morally bankrupt Mommy state we've become...

and that answer is simply this...

American Exceptionalism.

That's right... I said it - the idea that America is the greatest nation on earth...

A 'beacon of hope'.

But 'hope' has been 'raped', and now we're left with Christ-hatred, founding father-haterd, and a type of self-hatred all to common too the ironically un-ironic tuned millenials.

The only answer is to accept that the founding fathers were of a better generation than we, and to accept that the documents and government they put in place have been destroyed by activist judges.

The only answer is to accept that, as Mark Steyn painfully declared -

'America is dead.'

Only then can we re-establish the virtues which made our country great.

* to anyone who is interested to hear my Amen 'breakbeat' sample based music go to the following link*

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