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here is a short film I made in association with some of the members of DDU (please copy and paste the link to your browser):

"The God of the Bible is not to be confused with Cupid! The God of the Bible hates and loves...Both the Old and New Testament provide us with the evidence that God hates the wicked and loves the righteous. Do not be deceived, the Lord Jesus is not coming back to form a "hug" line...He is not coming back to sit down and have dinner at the house of the sinner. When He returns it will be a great and terrible day for all those who have not surrendered to His Lorship."

I made this film using early New Wave editing techniques, as well as a keen sense of insanity, inanity, and the implications of southern faith.

This short SuperPAC advertisement for Conservatism is already making waves through out the Bible Belt.

Filmed in 2003 - you can really get a sense of the post-9/11 sensibility for the proper treatment of grief and tragedy that pervaded those with heart and a sense of emotional resonance.

I myself, unfortunately, did not share such a 'repentant' sort of worldview at that time, something I hold much regret about and am, more than likely, still repaying the debt for to this day...

Did Jesus Christ remove the judgement and wrath of God at the Cross?

The answer is, of course, a solemn 'no', regarding both 9/11 as regarding our treatment of the Muslim world in the Middle East after the invasion of Iraq - as well as regarding our own sense of 'humility' regarding our own sin.

If you watch this video I've composed - you will hear the Story of Jason Boston.

Jason Boston was ASSASSINATED by a marxist collectivist conspiracy to kill christians, not to mention more than likely his initial indictment was the result of collectivist manipulation of human beings through devious devices uncanny to our everyday awareness and worldviews - with the end strategy of ripping apart a god fearing family.

Died in a prison fire?

I highly doubt there is nothing whatsoever suspect about that.

As a matter of fact, in the small town in which I live - similarly suspicious things have happened on numerous occasions... and are most likely part of a Marxist strategy to, I say this with all due respect, 'destroy the foundations of western tradition in an attempt at a 2012 coup de etat by foreigners, academics, and unions.'

It may have already been disrupted - it may have already been stopped...

But I pray to god we can restore to prominence the type of sentiment expressed by Jason Boston and his family - as opposed to merely letting it 'die out' with the rest of our history.

Is there any difference between 'new south' ideology and 'collectivism'?

Yes, probably - but it is only a shift in level and subject... they are existentially, essentially, empirically, and endlessly intertwined to the point where you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between, say, 'populism' and 'individualism' - and let me tell you, there is a world of difference between them as well their having an inherently incongruous nature.

I am probably wrong about my allegations, and I hope I am...

But if I'm right... some people need to remember what the punishment for treason is, and has been historically.

I'll end with a sole thought -

"If I'd have told some of our founding fathers that in the future treason would be acceptable and patriotism and nationalism would be outlawed, they'd be even more surprised than discovering that in the future there are technologies that allow for the transmission of data through the airwaves. If I'd have told them that the press became an instrument for suppression of the people of America and 'true' worship of Christ would be more or less banned and criminalized - they would probably rethink some of the more humanistic tendencies of their vision regarding how to combat against the possibility of despotism. If I'd have mentioned to Adam Smith that our country no longer adhered to Capitalism, yet whose public officials didn't even have the tenacity to admit publicly such a 'change', he probably would have had a more 'compassionate' view of the french revolution, and a far more harsh position in regards to the role of the Market."


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