Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine's Day Massacre - "My Bloody Valentine" - DDU#

"Pitiful sight,
here lies the country slain,
and Juliet bleeding,
warm + newly dead,
who doth lain two days buried -
Go, tell the prince!

We see the ground whereon
these woes do lie,
but the truth which we cannot
without circumstance decry"

Romeo + Juliet

I feel this is an 'event' that lies in the fact that these young participants in the 'world' were taking up a posture on a grand, and indeed irrevocable, project of 'Being-Towards-Death'.

They were, in this 'Being-Towards', also evading the more serious commitments involved in 'getting-on' with their own lives.

Of few could it not be said that the brutality of their clinging was also a laudable commitment to the responsibilities of youth?

It illustrates many things, even complicated questions regarding the classique 'doing' of engagement to royal virtue which, more often than not, is in fact inspired by a self which finds its' other half in a deep moral 'hurt'.
The longing for the good life around a kind of faith which could be considered 'negative' in a sense, constitutes the politico-ethical judgement of 'love' in general -

and is best understood or apprehended when it is available to us in 'action' - which emerges here in the condition of political involvement in the consideration of 'being-with-another'.

Taxation, the judgement of the electors, and the problematics to be solved by a method and process of equalization with political and moral movement towards a forgetting of fear and sex as such, are none other than the same motives which make the recent O'Hannity headline "Conservatives are Better in Bed" all too prescient.

Family bonds are often seen in tragically beastly remembrances of heredity, but in fact genetics, like the ideology of love, is a construction of 'degredation' -


"Prepared for death,
Leaving with unimaginable impulse,
fleeing support and refuge"

Why should this be so?

Am I not the indifference you have to mine 'love'?

Am I not the 'system' which is only 'human society'?

Am I not a 'transaction' between past and future?

Sentimentalism in philosophy is largely treated, as has been suggested, as a form of ideology beneath contempt...

...but we musn't forget that, as the great poet T.S. Eliot said,

"Everything that is new is thereby automatically traditional."

The reason for this is simply stated in the example of the attention given to new forms of traditionalism, and old forms of ingenuity!

A band of patriots, vagabonds, are the ministry of love advanced by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who said famously in Matthew,

"To those who say I am come to bring peace,
I am not.
I am come to bring a sword."


The love industriously espoused by the Regimes' ideologues "lowers the amplitude" of human emotion in terms of its philosophical basis in real American tradition and theology, and proffers a puffed out and propped up campaign of dehumanization and servitude as a means of 'mitleid' - or 'compassion' (to 'suffer-with').

...if women are insinuated into levels of service and "power positions", necessarily with the concessions inseparable from feminine physical weakness, then the whole 'dynamic' and 'spirit' and, yea - "ethos" of these services are transformed.

This 'transformation' is a necessary component of being an idiot for mere money.

As Jean-Pierre Melville famously said in the seminal romantic 'freedom' film "Breathless" -

"American women have become the dominant sex -
French women have not yet learned that."

Thank you for reading...

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

God Bless American ideals such as grit, determination, and justice not encumbered by the pathology of liberalism.

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