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DDU_National Review_RACISM

D/L Here:

In the above, I read a nuanced article from Buckley's legacy, The National Review -

The Tea Party, and the republican party generally, is viewed amongst 'progressives' as, quote, "not caring for the poor, and fundamentally racist."

Well, this particular article addresses how the leading progressives of the last century, namely, Richard T. Ely, may have been 'progressive' regarding 'racial issues', but - in fact, their progressivism was intrinsically racist - and indicative of how liberals view freedom, as understood by our founders, as a mere 'hinderance' to socialism, marxism, and their Huxleyan totalitarianism

Now I've never read a brave new world, nor 1984 or animal farm - as I try, as hard as one of my character can, to restrict myself to the Bible and christian literature.

But, according to the National Review's Jonah Goldberg - liberal democrats are not even capable of Orwellian Totalitarianism. They are merely capable of creating a nation of slave-serfs serving only the 'ethical ideals' espoused by their elitist masters in media, academia, and yea - at this point I'm sure it must be absurd, 'family'. I believe he was insinuating that, given the recent comment by the Obamanation and Obamanation 'supreme ayatolla' Mr. Hussein that the Founding Fathers were sort of 'standing in the way' of the POTUS administration enacting the type of 'progressive change' they would like to see COULD be met with a kind of orwellian backlash should they continue in their blasphemous degradation of our great Western Heritage as it relates to American Exceptionlism.

You know, I once said to someone - "protestantism is the most humble race' in a sort of Colbertian sense of self deprication (ignore the fact that Colbert himself is a Roman Catholic). That didn't really 'play' as a humorous quip whatsoever.

But I then said, at another point, I believe heaven is up above - say, in the clouds. Hell is a fiery cave, say - underground. And Satan most likely is a red hued demon with a pointy tale, horns, and a pitchfork/trident...

That got a laugh.

And that's how the neo-liberal establishment views certain literal interpretations of Christianity... just a funny fable that elicits a pup-pupish sort of laugh at the holder of such a literal ignorance.

Don't get me wrong, I feel that that very laugh may have been a subconscious recognition of the Truth of such a christian interpretation - but I think really it shows the elitism of institutions of education and the psuedo-elitism engendered by a Marxist controlled media.

I mean, people say that CNN is the 'middle ground' between MSNBC and FOX NEWS, right? It's probably been said by the brainwashed liberal public over 10 million times at one point or another.

This is a blatant lie, as - in fact, Ted Turner aside (whom I'm fairly certain only really participates in AMC programming at this point), the ones who control CNN programming are nothing more than elitist Multi-culturalist stooges who publish non-non-fiction books that sell in the hundreds I'm sure.

So, racism...

I recently read a TEA PARTY placard that said 'Calling us Racist is Cowardly'... and I think it's true... If you listen to the above video, I provide PROOF that the origins of progressivism are FAR more racist than the caricatured 'pick-up truck' owner.

In fact, the allegations of republican racism are merely a cowardly attempt to demonize anyone who opposes, and I'll say this, a MULTI-RACIAL president as racist merely because of his 'race'. The irony, of course (as displayed by the above video broadcast from yours truly), is that in fact the foundations of progressivism, which viewed poll taxes, segregation, and literacy tests (as well as the quote 'the civilizing process needed for the freed slaves [I believe 'savages' was the word used]) as the best means of the much touted sentiment of 'compassion', were the leading lights of early American Racism.

I saw an interesting video called 'Indoctrination on College Campuses', in which it shows incontrovertible evidence that our nations young minds are being trained to view Caucasian Americans as being 'unjust oppressors' who are 'intolerant' of multi-culturalism (a destructive force of sub-marxism which erodes the foundations of civilization in favor of a dystopian 'heaven on earth' [and I say this with ironic quotations] philosophy). It's this type of thing which I believe proves the radical agenda of many institutions of 'education', and I feel a bit of a thumping in my heart for what a college campus must of been like back in the 1800's. But now, a mere mention of philsophy as such is viewed as being anti-feminist - anti-multi-cultural, and viewed with the classic 'HAY MAAAAN, NOT COOL' "argument' which, for some reason or another, has not been completely outlawed.

I pray that the liberals decide to take some type of sepiku type responsibility before their trouncing in the general election.

Thanks for reading,

and say the pledge of allegiance with your hand over your heart this instant or face fiery destruction...

no kidding of course,

thanks for reading friend,

and don't forget to dedicate yourself daily anew to our lord and savior.

And if you are an agnostic or atheist - I merely ask you to say this in your mind (unless you are a coward) -

"I believe there is no god to such an extent that if there were one, I would gladly be struck down by HIM."

I double dare you...


No, seriously - the above video PROVES that libs are more racist than repubs - and I don't even have to mention the romanticization of the black race libs have done historically to bare evidence... though I'm sure you could come to your own conclusion... but I'll merely venture one for all you libs out there -

"I love black people so much I'm willing to look at all black people through a sickly distorted rose'd lens, and that, of course, could in no way be considered racsist lulz"

Well, all I'll say is this:

If your at all interested in this issue of progressive's being more racist than republicans, please download the full video (very lo fi short d/l) here:

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