Monday, February 27, 2012

DDU# - California to Legislate 'Sugar' - SuperPAC AD

I've recently found out a little interesting tidbit, which is that California is in the process of legislating on the use of sugar in foods...

No big deal, as one might suspect.

In fact, they have basically pulled a Muhammad Ali era fight not just on tooth decay as is traditionally done, but on sugar - labeling it, quote "the biggest public-health crisis in the history of the world".

It does not take much imagination to see this statement as, I'll put it, a bit 'over the top'.

I wish it were, but in fact, it's entirely indicative of the nanny state's governing principle - If it exists, it must be regulated.

Sugar, widely known as the most expensive and luxurious of raw goods at the market, is now - officially- under attack.

They, because of some silly sods at UC, feel that the best way to fight sugar is on the front-lines....

they want to, get this -

Make it hard to buy candy without an id, regulating it the same way one might, say, keep a teen out of an R-Rated movie.

I say put this on the front page, liberals in California wage war on sugar.



DDU Founder and Member,

Brendan O'Connell

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