Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nancy Pelosi's Prophylactic Push - DDU - SAVE THE CHILDREN - SUPerPAC #

As many of you may or may not know, the democrat establishment - as well as people who consider themselves 'contrary' to said establishment - basically get their morality from 'dictates' descended down to the party and populous by either Chuck U. Shoemer or Queen Pelosi -

They literally write a little 'note' to their staff, and a day later every single rank and file democrat believes, on sub-proto-neo-classico levels in concurrence, what they have been 'dictated' to 'think' about certain issues.


So, Queen Pelosi's big 'push' before, of all holidays, Valentine's Day, was to push for the use of condoms.

Condoms, those little things which in no way whatsoever represent eugenics, otherwise known as the devilish urge to reduce rather than increase the net population of America, are classically taught to, say, I dunno - innocent children as an 'alternative' to, as we all know, the ONLY moral course right and proper - Abstinence.

Well, I will merely say this.

Pelosi's prophylactic 'push' pre-st. v's day was, and can only be interpreted AS, a harsh form of trying to reduce the population for reasons seemingly virtuous but altogether unseemly.

I'm not going to make a big stink about eugenics... YET -

- but I do remember, at a local community college during 'Bama era southern indoctrination, a little factoid which you are more than welcome to never agree with being taught on, of all days, the first day of class in Biology.

It was this little innocent fact...

(scroll down please)

"The world's population needs to be reduced because of environmental concerns."

This is, technically as the scientific dictatorship defines it, a 'fact' merely because it is taught in conjunction with 'science', and of course as we all know - the sanctity of science is pretty much 'gone out the window' now that we've abandoned Newton and ilk in favor of a Dennettian kind of distaste for religion.

What pains me most is to see good Christians basically being 'forced' to adhere to what amounts to a non-christian ideology, and yea- 'teach' it to innocent mind-numbingly indoctrinated 'students'.

So, If you AT ALL agree - and I don't expect you to- but if you at all agree, I would basically painfully acquiesce to the sanctity of YOUR OWN life and liberty and say I'm merely a catholic mongrel who is BEGGING YOU to fight back against eugenics in science, and ~ NETFLIX "EXPELLED".

Nancy Pelosi can steal away people's family values for only so long - it's up to you to FIGHT BACK.

Disclaimer -

*the link between sex education, condoms, and abortion, is much more complicated than one might realize, even myself. I of course believe that sex ed has no place in school - because playing 'The Miracle of Birth' to young children is a harsh form of indoctrinatory eugenics.

Praise Christ, and all praises be to the 'catholic' church.

God Bless America and our nation's children.

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